Panic Over – Depression Begins

The Panic is Over!
That’s the good news. Now the bad news: the Depression has begun. The explosion on Capital Hill today was the political version of Dick Fuld’s suicide bombing of Wall Street a couple weeks ago. Confidence in both our financial system and political system has been lost. And in case you are wondering, none of this is “healthy” – this is a total disaster. Some traders are looking for a giant rally after today’s panic selling. Not me. I’m sticking a fork in America.

McCain Knows He’s Toast
John McCain spoke briefly after the market closed. He sounded like he was delivering a eulogy at a funeral – and he was – his own. I wonder how many decades the Republican Party, a.k.a. The Depression Party, will be consigned to opposition status in Washington?

It’s Time for Congress to Abdicate
It’s pretty obvious that the USA’s experiment with democracy has been a failure. As Congress’s last act before abdicating, they should hire a management team from Singapore to take over. It is no longer acceptable for the world’s largest economy to be managed by rubes.

America is Stupid
Stop and think about what just happened. Ben Bernanke is an acclaimed scholar who has distinguished himself by doing groundbreaking work on the causes of the Great Depression. And here in this new Depression, the American people have told him to pound sand!

Hank Paulson is no scholar, but he is a top practitioner, and is the perfect compliment for the egghead scholar. Even if you don’t like Ben and Hank, you have to admit that you couldn’t find a team with better resumes for this job. But now they are pounding sand. Well, I’m sure that the masses will come up with a better solution…

Stomach Turning
Watching my country commit suicide has interfered with my concentration. But now that I am cheering the rubes onto their new Depression, I am back to enjoying life and should be posting more comments.