Weekend Discussion

From what I’ve read, ThinkAI keeps a database of stock-chart data, and as the day progresses it keeps searching the DB for charts that match-up best with the current day’s. Then it assumes that the rest of the day will look similar. So, it can’t actually predict the future, but only try to catch the puny humans blindly repeating history.

The approach sounds unsophisticated, but when you consider that most stocks are traded by the same group of traders, it might be just the right approach. For example, George is there trading BBT every day using the same methods. He’s a big part of why BBT behaves the way it does. And that is supposedly true for many stocks: each has its own dedicated group of traders.

ThinkAI got the close totally wrong today, but during the day, it made excellent calls and helped me scalp a few bucks out of the chop.