TrimTabs Has Competition

The Daily Jobs Update is now up and running and competing head-to-head with TrimTabs in reporting on trends in the withholding-tax data. The flagship chart shown here depicts the
business cycle of the US economy by plotting the second derivative of growth in the paychecks of American workers. Such advanced charts are not available anywhere else. (Click the chart to go to the live version which will update every business day at 4pm EST.)

In March of 2008, as the economy was poised to take one of its steepest dives in history, TrimTabs proclaimed the recession to be over, citing “growth” in the withholding data. Preposterous! At the same time, I posted “Withholding Craters!” here on the blog.

TrimTabs charges thousands of dollars for their research. And not only do I charge a tiny fraction of that on, but I provide awesome charts that update as soon as the Treasury Department releases the data each day.

Note to financial media: There’s a new sheriff in Withholding Town. Check with me before publishing something to make sure that you have the straight story.

Take that TrimTabs!

And since Goldman Sachs owns a stake in TrimTabs, take that Goldman Sachs!

Note: You will be pleased to know that the Alexa rating of is, already, far above that of

Note: the chart above is delayed by 90 days. So, it is current through 3Q09. Only subscribers can see the real-time charts, though both sets of charts update every day.