Time for Some Mercenary Shopping

Now that the Libyan rebels will be receiving the proceeds of oil exports, it’s time to help them with their budgeting. As you know, we Americans are experts at managing our government budgets. So, we should know, right?

I suggest that the Libyan rebels spend every penny on mercenaries which they desperately need to fight Kadafi’s mercenaries. It’s pretty obvious that these rebels are only good for shooting their guns in the air and cheering when the cameras are rolling. Sure, they can “capture” territory when Kadafi orders a strategic retreat, but that’s as good as it gets.

Maybe Kadafi will bug out, or maybe the Libyan people will oust Kadafi themselves, and then the rebels could “capture” Tripoli and shoot the air some more.

But if not, then some people who actually know how to fight are going to be needed. Otherwise, Libya just might be permanently split in two.