The Fourth Reich

The baton of crashing the markets each Spring has passed from the Greeks to the Tea Party. There will now be order in Greece as they goose-step to German austerity dictates. According to this Stratfor article, the Germans will now prop-up all the tottering regimes of the European Union (via the EFSF) as they strive for great-power status.

And a new era in European history has begun.

The EU was originally designed by the Lilliputians of Europe to tie down the German Gulliver. But now Gulliver has broken loose and is gobbling up the Lilliputians. Unless the wheels come off of Germany itself, there will be order in Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy, what-have-you. Betting against these “nations” is now like betting against Germany. Good luck with that.

Stern Draws the Line at Stabbing

Artie Lange has recovered from his suicide attempt and is ready to go back to work. But when he asked Howard Stern for his old sidekick job, Stern turned him down. Stern has not given a straight answer as to why, so I will translate the mealy-mouthed words of the self-styled “Mr. Honesty”:

Stern’s excuse is that he is not able to provide proper psychiatric treatment for Lange.

What kind of reason is that? It’s total BS. My theory is that Stern is physically afraid of Lange. After all, how many people (not counting the Japanese) attempt suicide by stabbing themselves repeatedly? And Lange has a history of violence. In his book, “Too fat to fish”, Lange talks about the many bar fights that he “got into”. However, I would bet that Lange started the vast majority of those fights. One can easily imagine a drunken Lange wielding his razor sharp wit and inciting mayhem.

So, Lange is potentially dangerous. But is he really a threat to Stern?

Howard Stern is known for never firing employees, no matter what. A few years ago, one of his staffers admitted to a past incident where he nearly beat a man to death. Stern didn’t fire him. Lange used to show up for work strung out on heroin, and would literally fall asleep during the show. Stern didn’t fire him. But I think we have found where Stern draws the line.

Not only will Stern not bring Artie back, but he won’t even interview him – not even over the phone – when Stern fans are dying to hear from Artie. Even worse, now that Lange is going to work on another radio show, Stern has begun to bash him. Last week, both Stern and Robin joked about hiring Artie back as a janitor and having him sweep the lobby while they did the show. They also lumped him in with Jacki Martling as a traitor, which is totally unfair. Lange was never malicious toward Stern like Martling was.

I think this shows that Stern is not only physically afraid of Lange, but now fears him as a competitor. And maybe he should. Lange is the greatest sidekick in talk-show history. With the right formula, he could certainly eat into Stern’s audience. And Stern would deserve it. Stern knows that his fans love Artie and want him back. They are appalled at how Stern has treated Lange.

When Stern had Jacki Martling on the show to hear his plea for replacing Artie, Stern actually entertained the idea. He might have even hired him if Robin and Fred didn’t step in and put a stop to the insanity. But Artie didn’t even get a chance to plead his case.

When Jay Leno poached Stuttering John, Stern went ballistic. How dare Leno steal one of his “characters” that he had developed? Stern ranted about that for months. But Stern is voluntarily letting his greatest “character” ever leave the show. And if it weren’t for fans calling in and asking about Artie, Stern wouldn’t say a word.

Artie first appeared on the Stern show when his “friend” Norm Macdonald brought him along. But during his March 30th appearance on the Stern show, Macdonald didn’t say one word about Artie. Note to Macdonald: what’s up with that?

I suppose that Macdonald wanted to continue appearing on the Stern show, and therefore went along with Stern’s gag order. Shameful.

When Will the Feds Go Broke?

In case you are wanting to pinpoint the exact moment when the federal treasury will go belly-up, I have prepared a special spreadsheet.

If the deadbeats in D.C. are cut-off from borrowing money, they will have to make ends meet with old-fashioned tax receipts. So, how much money will Treasury collect in the coming weeks? This is actually very easy to predict because it’s going to be just about what it was last year at this time.

For example when the Treasury Department publishes the Daily Treasury Statement today at 4pm, it will show on the “Withheld Income and Employment Taxes” line-item of “Table IV” that Tuesday’s receipts were about the same as they were from the corresponding Tuesday of 2010 – about $1.66 billion. There are more sources of tax revenue, but the withholding-tax is the 800-pound gorilla.

So, here is what the cash flow was last year at this time, and pretty much what it will be going forward through August (download spreadsheet):

As you can see, the average (per business day) last year was $5.83 billion. But you might want to expect a bit more this year – maybe 1-3% more – because the economy has been creating jobs.

For deeper analysis of the federal withholding-tax data, go to

Imagine if the Feds could no longer borrow money. They might take a different view of exporting jobs right? After all, they can’t collect taxes from workers in Mexico or China, now can they? They would immediately start to drool over the millions of jobs we have offshored here in our fabulous global economy. How long would it be before free-trade policies would be axed?

Roemer’s Got it Right

Former congressman and Louisiana governor Buddy Roemer is running for president. He wants to put an end to the globalist trade regime that has drained jobs out of the USA, remove regulations from small business, and get the country energy-independent.

Roemer says that he will only accept campaign donations of $100 or less from individuals, like he did in his previous campaigns. He won’t be beholden to the big money like every other flunky in Washington.

In the video below, its amusing to watch Joe Kernen dutifully spout the multinational line, rebutting Roemer: “Multinationals don’t always move factories out of the country to take advantage of cheap labor.” That’s Jeffrey Immelt’s line of BS word-for-word.

It’s very easy to tell the globalists from the patriotic Americans these days. Globalists are accepting of double-digit unemployment and 44 million people on food stamps. They aren’t concerned about that AT ALL because that’s how their patron multinationals make record profits. Exporting jobs is very, very lucrative. Just like slavery was.

True patriots like Buddy Roemer and Donald Trump are outraged about what has happened to the USA. Trump is too much of a playboy to do the hard work of politics, but Roemer will fight the good fight for the American people – as opposed to the Asian mercantilists and multinationals that Kernen shills for.

Chinese Chootspa

As Michelle Bachmann might say, the Chinese have a lot of “chootspa”. China is infamous for ripping-off American intellectual property – knocking off products, running bootleg Microsoft software, stealing entire factories, etc. But now they have begun to knock-off entire companies.

An American blogger who lives in China has posted on her blog pictures of a fake Apple store. Can you imagine? She found three such stores, but there’s got to be more, right?

Why did this happen in China, and not Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, or any of our other Asian allies? Easy. They are political allies, and China is not. In fact, China’s entire economy is geared around ripping-off the USA. It’s what they do.

Ironically, years ago, Steve Jobs denigrated bloggers. His attitude was that if you had something intelligent to say, you would be working at a newspaper or magazine, and only the left-over idiots were yapping on the internet. And now look at this monster news story that a blogger broke. A story that will help Apple get after these con artists.

Note to Steve Jobs: You owe a public apology to bloggers.

It is also interesting to contemplate how well-positioned China is for knocking-off “American” products. After all, Apple makes all of its gear in China, and the Chinese workers in those factories could easily crank out some cheap imitations when Apple’s inspectors aren’t around, right? Maybe they squeeze in an extra shift on the weekend, run off a batch of iPhones using inferior parts, and send them out to the fake Apple stores.

Here’s Michell Bachmann’s famous “chootspa” gaffe:

I suppose that could happen if you grew up in the Midwest and weren’t acquainted with an Jewish people.

And to be fair and balanced, here is President Obama mispronouncing “corpsman” as in “Navy corpsman”. I suppose that could happen if you never made the acquaintance of any military people.

Workers Kicked to the Curb

It used to be that when a factory was offshored, the workers could get some money from the government for retraining. So, when your job on the light-bulb assembly line at the GE plant was sent to China, you could get re-trained to work at the GE refrigerator factory.

You moved to another town, and lived happily ever after in your new job. It was poetry in motion – a marvel of enlightened global trade operated by “genius” libertarians. Until the refrigerator factory got sent to Mexico. And the steel plant, and the auto plant, and the electronics plant, and the washing-machine plant…

And now, even if there was a point to retraining, the feds will no longer help you. As far as I can tell, the Department of Labor’s Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program has lost its funding. See the offshoring page at for the details.

I say, “as far as I can tell” because the TAA is practically a secret organization like the CIA or NSA. I would bet that the multinationals have been leaning on them to keep the offshoring stats as quiet as possible, and they probably also leaned on Congress to not renew the funding.

The diligent bureaucrats of the TAA investigated applications for re-training, and counted up the number of jobs offshored. And that was the only official such data. And now it’s gone.

The Department of Labor, and other government agencies are constantly bombarding us with every job-market stat known to man.

Except one.

How convenient for the globalists.

Obama Creates Jobs in Mexico as US Unemployment Rises to 9.2%

While the statisticians were calculating the third consecutive monthly increase in the unemployment rate, President Obama was signing a deal to allow Mexican truckers to operate in the USA.

How can a Democratic president expect to get re-elected by selling out his base like this? There are a few possibilities:

  1. He doesn’t want to get re-elected and is sabotaging himself.
  2. He is carrying out orders handed down from big business and has no choice.
  3. He knows that presidential elections are rigged by the CIA, and therefore does not have to court the votes of the unemployed masses.

Further reading: “Politics is a Scam – Why I Will Never Vote Again” by James Altucher.

Ambrose is Back

British reporter, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard appears to be back from his months-long sabbatical. The Telegraph just published a new column.

I am an Evans-Pritchard fan because he is one of the few people in the media who actually understand how China’s yuan peg to the dollar is really a protectionist, mercantilist device designed to siphon jobs out of the USA.

Obama Wants More Engineers, Huh?

One of the traditional ways to get people to do what you want is to MAKE IT WORTH THEIR WHILE. Shocking concept, right? But look at what former engineering student Patrick McKenzie said:

“When I was in college, I knew I wanted to be a software engineer, but I was worried about my job prospects competing with 100,000 engineers graduating every year in China and India.”

McKenzie still got his software degree, but he double-majored in the Japanese language so that he would have something to fall back on. After graduating, he moved to Japan and began working as a translator.

McKenzie eventually went to work as an engineer for a large Japanese company.

This particular engineer was literally driven out of the country by our immigration and trade policies. The American middle class was built on a deliberate policy of shielding American workers from competing with the teeming masses of the world. We have reversed that policy, and are now in the process of crushing the middle class with a policy of global labor arbitrage.

And it’s working.

Poverty is exploding in the USA as huge profits accrue to multinationals and their shiny new Asian workforces.

President Obama has not lifted one finger to change that policy.

However, things turned out well for Patrick McKenzie. In fact, he’s a software-developer legend now. Read his story here. But that just goes to show that you can’t keep a good man down.

Most college graduates today move back in with their parents, and an independent middle-class lifestyle is a distant dream. Instead of asking “how do we motivate more young people to become engineers?”, maybe the more relevant question is: “how much longer will young people pursue education for jobs that now reside in foreign lands?”