Republicans on Welfare

Not only have the rich gotten richer, but they have also gotten attitude. To hear the Republicans talk, you would think that they were nothing but saintly “jobs creators”. But who actually feeds more at the federal trough? Republican voters or Democratic voters?

I have never applied for federal assistance, and won’t until it is time to withdraw my money from Al Gore’s fabled “lock box”, but I’m guessing that the forms do not have check-boxes for party affiliation. So, it is probably not possible to know, for example, how many Republican voters are receiving unemployment compensation – but millions of them undoubtedly are.

Another problem is the sheer size of the federal/state government complex, and the, shall we say, opacity, of its accounting. So, finding accurate statistics would be quite a challenge, far beyond the capabilities of a mere blogger. Put perhaps a large newspaper, or think-tank, could take up the project.

I would go department by department. For example, the Department of Agriculture will spend about $70 billion on food stamps this year. Maybe $30 billion of that goes to Republicans, and $40 billion to Democrats. But Ag also spends $20 billion on farm subsidies, the lion’s share of which probably goes to rich, red-state, Republican land-owners. So, it is entirely possible that the Department of Agriculture doles out more cash to Republican voters.

That was a horse race though. I think that once you got into the really big money, bank bailouts and war profiteering, you would see the Republicans take a commanding lead. Such payments don’t go to individuals of course, but as the Republicans have established, corporations are people too. For example, billions in what could certainly be classified as hand-outs should be credited to Dick Cheney, Halliburton, and the Republican side of the ledger, no?