Read it Here First: Steve Forbes’ Tanker War Story

On February 2, 2012 I posted “Iran Cannot Close the Straight of Hormuz, Unless…” where I talked about the Tanker War of the 1980s. At that time, nobody in the media was talking about that forgotten conflict. (See the screenshot below of a Google News search showing no results found.)

Three weeks later, Steve Forbes wrote “War With Iran Is Coming!” which contains a summary of what I wrote. However, as you can see by the exclamation point in Forbes’ title, he is a raging warmonger. So, of course, he had to conclude:

“Nevertheless, you may see a repeat of the Tanker War. In the heat of battle the ayatollahs may not be able to contain themselves.”

Forbes is implying that Iran would take action only after the war started, giving us a little glimpse of the matrix. An attack on Iran is clearly being planned right now.

But what “heat of battle” is Forbes talking about? Iran’s military is pathetic. Read journalist Eric Margolis’ report here. Excerpt:

“Iran has been unable to modernize most of its 1960’s/1970’s vintage military arsenal, much of which was supplied by the US and Britain to the Shah.”

I’m no fan of the Ayatollahs, but I can’t help but notice that the federal treasury is empty. And I can’t help but notice that warmongers like Steve Forbes are largely responsible.

Here is the Google News search that I mentioned above:

Note: I shouldn’t have described the “Tanker War” was “forgotten”. Of course, the mainstream media knows about it, but their job is to sell the war on Iran. So, of course, they have to harp on how dangerous Iran is – not on how we gave them a serious beating when they tried to close the Strait of Hormuz 25 years ago.

Note: I would have linked to Eric Margolis’ website directly, but it was off line when I was writing this. In any case, it is well worth adding to your reading list as you will learn things that are concealed by the mainstream media.