Software Shortage Threatens America!!!

Or so says Microsoft. The Hill reports:

“Brad Smith, Microsoft’s general counsel and executive vice president, said at a press briefing that the lack of qualified job applicants is “approaching the dimensions of a genuine crisis” for tech companies.”

Have you ever seen a software shortage due to a lack of programmers? Have you ever seen the shelves bare in the App Store? Or in Google Play? Have you ever had trouble finding a free plugin for WordPress?

Not hardly, right?

As a coder myself, I can tell you that I am flabbergasted by the amount of software that we produce. Everywhere I look, there is a massive tidal wave of new software. Let me tell you, it’s quite intimidating when trying to think of new products.

And what about tech start-up companies? Is there a shortage of them? Are investors clamoring for more Groupon’s (GRPN) to IPO at $25 and then plunge to $5?

I don’t think so.

In fact, you could go so far as to say that the recent plethora of spectacular tech IPO flops is proof that we have too many programmers.

So what is Microsoft carrying on about? Nothing special. Just the same old drum beat for more cheap labor – especially labor of the H1-B indentured-servitude variety.

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Roll the Tanks!

Is it just me, or is Larry Kudlow eager to drive tanks over Chinese workers?

At the 1:05 mark of the video below, Kudlow asks his guest:

“At what point, if these internal company riots continue, does the Chinese government crack down with Tienanmen Two, or 2.0, or 3, or whatever? At what point does the Chinese government crack down?”

What kind of person is a Tienanmen Square Massacre fan?

And Kudlow seems to yearn for a whole series of massacres. Using a software nomenclature, “2.0”, implies that Kudlow is yearning for improved massacre methods. Like a giddy fan boy, he’s drooling over the prospect of sexy new slaughtering methods. Maybe the tanks will have special “gore scoopers” to clear away bodies more efficiently. Maybe the tanks will come in multiple colors. OMG! I can’t wait! I will stand in line all night!

The funny thing is that at the time, we didn’t even know what caused the riot. Today, DigiTimes reported:

“Foxconn said it will also ensure its duties relating to employee welfare are implemented and it will make over-time payments as promised.”

Looks like those workers had a good reason to riot after all.

Note to Kudlow: What do you have to say about that? Or do you condone the practice of “wage theft”?

DigiTimes also reported that Foxconn will “strengthen their patrols” and “work to pacifying their subordinates.”

Has Donald Rumsfeld been appointed CEO of Foxconn?

And no, the multinationals will not pull production out of China. They have the same attitude that Kudlow does: militarized production is a feature, not a bug.

Throw a Net Over Jeff Macke

Jeff Macke thinks that because of in-shoring:

“..the U.S. is about to see an explosion in the number of middle class jobs.”

Why? Because globalization is driving up wages all over the world. Unfortunately, Mr. Macke has swallowed the globalist propaganda hook, line, and sinker. The only “explosion” there’s going to be is *of* the middle class.

In fact, a recent Wall Street Journal article reported that Foxconn monthly basic pay is ¥1,800 ($1.78 per hour) – still far below US minimum wage, and light-years from a middle-class wage.

In-shoring might be the most over-hyped story in history when you consider that in-shored factories are about as common as purple unicorn sightings. And when the odd plant does come back, this is what happens:

“GE returned production of its energy-efficient water heaters to Louisville after a new labor deal cut union workers’ starting hourly salaries to $13 from as high as $24.”

And no, Mr. Macke, $13 per hour doesn’t get you into the middle class. Our “Jobs Czar” created working-class jobs at that plant.

Note to globalists: Stop trying to rationalize your failed ideology. It’s time to man-up and admit that you were wrong; that globalization has destroyed the middle class.

An “Arab October” for Saudi Arabia?

If there is one thing that could sink the stock market and President Obama, it’s an Arab Spring revolt in Saudi Arabia. DEBKAfile is reporting:

“King Abdullah faces a Muslim Brotherhood ultimatum to announce before the end of September his acceptance of constitutional rule and democratic elections or go down under an Arab Spring insurrection.”

You need to be a DEBKAfile subscriber to see the story.

Nailed It: Pentagon Shuns Afghans

On Sunday, September 16, 2012, I wrote:

“In Afghanistan, these sorts of attacks are frequent because the Taliban infiltrated Afghan security forces years ago. They are “inside the wire” and know plenty about what we are doing.”

Two days later, BANG!

US Suspends Most Joint Operations with Afghan Forces.”

Has there ever been a more prescient feat in the history of blogging? I think not. But enough about me.

This news crystallizes a spectacular failure in nation-building. That’s the bad news. The good news is that our troops are going to be a lot safer, provided that they also isolate themselves from Afghan workers. While it might be the Taliban in an Afghan army uniform that pulls the trigger, it’s the nice Pashtun lady who empties the commander’s wastebasket that provides the enemy’s intel.

Maybe one day we will end this corporate welfare program. If the multinationals want to exploit Afghan resources, let them pay the pacification costs themselves and leave us taxpayers out of it.

All of a Sudden the Terrorists Have Good Intel?

My spider-sense started tingling when I learned of the assassination of Ambassador Christopher Stevens in Benghazi. I thought: “That’s weird; I can’t even remember the last time one of our ambassadors was killed.”

In fact, it has been 33 years since Ambassador Adolph Dubs was killed in Afghanistan. Obviously, we have been doing a pretty good job of keeping our diplomats safe since then. So, it seems odd that our rag-tag, terrorist foes were able to pull-off such a feat.

During the Libyan Arab Spring, the rebels were comically inept. And when they all of a sudden started to defeat Qaddafi’s troops, it was obvious that the rebels were getting help from Western special forces. So, could somebody now be helping the terrorists?

From what I have read, Ambassador Stevens had only just arrived in Benghazi, and his travel plans were not public information. So, how did the terrorists time their attack so perfectly? And how did they know the location of the safe house?

Clearly, they had good intel. In Afghanistan, these sorts of attacks are frequent because the Taliban infiltrated Afghan security forces years ago. They are “inside the wire” and know plenty about what we are doing.

But in Libya? Yes, it is possible that a Libyan working at the embassy was a mole. But even so, would such a person know about the ambassador’s travel plans, and the location of the safe house? It’s too early to tell yet, but if the terrorists now have a source of top-shelf intelligence, then we may be in for a world of hurt.

I have a theory as to what may be happening, but don’t want to give it voice yet. Hopefully, I’m wrong. But if you see another successful such attack, then you can assume that we are up against a much more capable foe.

34% of Puerto Rico is on Food Stamps

Not to pick on Puerto Rico or anything, but in all the news stories I have seen about food stamps recently, none of them have mentioned Puerto Rico. That’s probably because Puerto Rico was split off from the main food-stamps program in 1982, and no longer appears in USDA statistics.

So, in addition to the 46.7 million Americans on food stamps, we can add another 1.35 million Puerto Ricans, pushing the grand total to 48 million. For more details, see the “Puerto Rico” section on my food-stamps page.

Caught Slaving – Again, Part 2

The New York Times reports that Chinese students are being forced to work as “interns” on Foxconn assembly lines. Said one student:

“The university told us it’s a good way to experience corporate culture,” a 19-year-old student told China Daily newspaper. “Even though many of my classmates are reluctant to go to Foxconn, our teachers still asked us to work there starting in August.”

Ironically, what the kid said is all too true: it is indeed a good way to experience multinational culture.

What ever happened to the America that prided itself on abolishing slavery?

Read it Here First: Dumb People Need Jobs Too

Felix Salmon wants to know: “Who is speaking for the poor?

Answer: Me.

Over three years ago, in “Caruso-Cabrera – Dumb as Bag of Hammers,” I wrote:

“But what about the dumb people? Not everybody is smart, you know. Not everybody can “use their brain” to “move up the job value chain.” The fact is that repetitive assembly-line jobs that don’t require higher thought are an ideal way for dumb people to earn a living.”

So, I was an advocate for the lower-IQ segment of our population years before all the cool kids were doing it.

But how many of the cool kids will man-up and say that the million (or so) jobs that we sent to Mexico’s maquiladoras should be repatriated?

Not many, I suspect. Probably none at all.

But that’s where we sent the jobs, and millions more to China and India. The jobs still exist, but in foreign lands. And the jobs will remain in foreign lands until more people advocate that they be brought home.

Note to working-class: Don’t hold your breadth. The intelligentsia has nothing but the thin gruel of food stamps for you.

Thomas L. Friedman, Patriotic Globican

“Globican” is a word that I coined to describe a globalist who lives in the USA. Calling such people Americans isn’t quite right because their loyalties lay with the multinational corporations that run the world.

The first person that I inducted into my globican club was Larry Kudlow. But don’t think that globicans are only found in the Wall Street Journal. As a matter of fact, the most odious globican of all writes for the New York Times: Thomas L. Friedman.

And Friedman is not only a globican, but he is a raging, psycho, globalist cheerleader. What does he say when unemployment is still over 8%, and there are 46 million Americans on food stamps? See for yourself:

“Forget about ‘outsourcing.’ In today’s hyper-connected world, there is no ‘in’ and no ‘out.'”

According to Friedman, only rubes and bumpkins believe in the “myth” of outsourcing. There is no “in” or “out” because there are no borders; no USA – only multinational corporations arranging the people of the globe to suit their profit margins.

Friedman carries on about how we have to get better educated, and high-tech to compete in the futuristic global economy. But isn’t that what the American IT workers at IBM were doing? As we speak, they are being kicked to the curb by the thousands; replaced with mainly Indians. The labor-arbitrage profits are so huge that even Warren Buffett came to wet his beak.

What does Mr. Friedman have to say about this mass-slaughter of middle-class jobs? Not a damn thing; he’s too busy kissing IBM’s ass. Here he is giving a talk at IBM’s “THINK Forum”:

At 28:22 into the video, Friedman gives advice to parents:

“Get your kids to think like new immigrants…We are all new immigrants today… We are new immigrants to a hyper-connected world. And how does the new immigrant think? He or she starts everyday and says: Nothing is owed me. Nothing is owed me in this world. There is no legacy place waiting for me at IBM or Harvard or my state university…”

You see, in Friedman-land, your US citizenship counts for nothing – not even a spot in a school funded with your tax dollars. And that, of course, is exactly what you should teach your children. Because Mr. Friedman is not joking or exaggerating. Multinational corporations have little use for citizenship, patriotism, or sovereignty. Your children truly will be just another few bodies in a sea of billions.

If Thomas L. Friedman doesn’t make your skin crawl, you just might be a globican yourself.

And I’m not the only one holding this opinion. As a matter of fact, Belén Fernández wrote a book about Friedman: “The Imperial Messenger: Thomas Friedman at Work.” She has a video showing Friedman’s buffoonery at full blast, blathering about a “terror bubble” in Iraq that we had to pop:

I understand the need for propaganda to keep Americans sedated while their nation is dismantled, but really? Really, New York Times? This guy?

Note: Funny how the outsourcing at IBM, one of the nation’s largest employers, isn’t a campaign issue, right? The Democrats and Republicans are going on and on about unemployment, food stamps, and offshoring, and not a peep about IBM. This is one of the ways you can tell that the USA is no longer a sovereign nation, and that the multinationals are calling the shots.