The Illuminati is not Trying to Kill You

This is a staple in the conspiracy community: that the Illuminati is Malthusian and is scheming to kill us off, perhaps marching us into FEMA camps, or poisoning us with tainted flu vaccines. But a simple look at the facts shows that anybody promulgating this theme is a BS artist.

Since 1975, 30.8 million legal immigrants have been brought into the USA. Mass immigration is official U.S. policy, and has been for decades. They are growing the population as fast as politically feasible, and American oligarchs like Bill Gates are campaigning for even faster growth via “open” immigration.

The fact is that the Oligarchy is envious of China and India, and yearns for the day when they too can have a billion starving slaves willing to work like dogs for $2 per hour – right here in the USA. And they are making it happen; population-wise the USA is now in the #3 position with a solid lead over #4 Indonesia.

Ironically, most conspiracy guys are libertarians who support mass immigration. They are either willing pawns of the Oligarchy, or useful idiots.

The moral of the story is, acquire some actual knowledge of what is happening, and the best way to do that is to read my book: Dark Arts of the American Oligarchy. Also look at my population vs. food stamps chart in the previous post.

A Nation of Immigrants – On Food Stamps

As the Oligarchy campaigns for an even bigger tidal wave of legal immigration, their captive media is trumpeting the “we are a nation of immigrants” meme. While we are indeed a nation of immigrants, that is only half of the story. The other half is mass poverty, unemployment, and 48 million people on food stamps.

The blue line on the chart below shows the cumulative total of legal immigration since 1975. As of 2011, that total stands at 30.8 million. The red line shows the number of individuals who received food stamps each year (click chart to enlarge):


Perhaps you are shouting “correlation is not causality” at your screen. Fine. But if you believe that there is no relationship at all between these two trends, then I submit that you might be insane.

See more of my food-stamp charts here, and my immigration charts here. To learn more about how the Oligarchy is using mass immigration to crush wages, read my book: Dark Arts of the American Oligarchy.

Carl Quintanilla is a Boot-Licker

If you think that firing well-paid American IT workers, and replacing them with badly-paid immigrants is a dumb idea, CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla thinks you are an idiot. At 2:15 into the video below, the CNBC propagandist says:

“Some are still trying to make the argument that it’s actually harmful to Americans here, who are living natively, who are long-term unemployed.”

This is the same fool who thought that having senior citizens death-marching ten miles a day in warehouses was a festive Christmas tradition. See Carl Quintanilla is an Airhead.

And look who Quintanilla is talking to in the video above. Steve Case. Remember him? He’s the guy from AOL who invented the thing where they make you jump through flaming hoops to close your account. Something that is now a “best practice” and destroying productivity all over the nation as people are given the run-around after making a simple customer-service request.

Case is also a member of President Obama’s jobs council headed by notorious job-exporter, Jeff Immelt. You know, the foxes guarding the hen house. Case should clearly recuse himself from the H1-B immigration debate since he probably just wants a fresh wave of cheap labor from India to avoid hiring American citizens for his start-up companies. Of course, if everybody like him recused themselves, there would be nobody on that side of the argument.

Read this story and ask yourself: should a guy like this be allowed anywhere near making national policy?: AOL’s Dirty Little Secret: 60% of AOL’s Profits Come From Misinformed Customers.

What you see in the video above is a prime specimen of the Oligarchy’s mass-immigration propaganda, which I discuss extensively in my book: Dark Arts of the American Oligarchy.

Shocked by Nazis Policing Amazon Workers?

Were you shocked by today’s news of a Neo-Nazi security force policing workers at Amazon warehouses in Germany? Well, you wouldn’t have been if you read my book. Look what I wrote in Dark Arts of the American Oligarchy:

“On a sinister note, oligarchs might use psychopath testing to find employees more suitable to overseer jobs. Imagine if all the supervisor positions in a giant warehouse could be staffed with bona fide psychopaths. Would productivity, and thus profits, rise? Like any technology, psychopath testing could be used for good or evil, and for all we know, might already be employed in the service of evil.”

Skinhead Security

Skinhead Security

I didn’t predict the Nazis, but I was pretty damn close, right? So, how did I do that? Answer: by studying the intentions of the Founding Father of Globalization: David Rockefeller. When the whole world was boycotting Apartheid South Africa years ago, Rockefeller and his Chase Manhattan Bank were loaning the regime money to buy more attack dogs. So, we shouldn’t be surprised to see globalization becoming overtly fascist.

It is also instructive to note that the H.E.S.S. troopers were terrorizing immigrant workers. Immigrants are brought to Germany and the United Kingdom for the same reason they are brought here: because they have fewer civil rights, and are easier to abuse. Think of them as a human sacrifice on the alter of record corporate profits.

And yes, Republicans want to chase out the unions so that the H.E.S.S. troopers can be brought in.

The moral of the story is: Wake up and Smell the Oligarchy!!! Read my book, and get yourself up to speed.

Note: The Daily Mail has a good story: Fury Over Amazon’s Neo-Nazi, Black-Clad German Security Staff Who Intimidate Foreign Workers.

Note: Rudolf Hess was Hitler’s Deputy Führer. See his Wikipedia page.

Mass Immigration is not History

At the 9:55 mark of this video (sorry C-SPAN took it down), you can see Professor Robert Rydell of Montana State University teaching his students:

“One of the things going on in the late 19th century is mass immigration from Europe. And I mean absolutely massive immigration.”

Rydell acts as if his students couldn’t possibly imagine such a huge wave of immigration. Which is curious because his students are living through an even larger wave – the largest in history as a matter of fact. See the chart that I maintain on my immigration page.

So, here we have a class at Montana State discussing immigration, and nobody in the room, including the professor, is aware of the current record-breaking level of legal immigration. Baffling, right? The Department of Homeland Security dutifully reports the statistics, so it’s not like it’s a secret. No, it’s what happens in the media after the DHS releases the data: crickets.

The record level of legal immigration is suppressed by the Oligarch Media because the Oligarchy is not done liquidating the middle class with cheap labor. So, what happened in that classroom in Montana was the result systematic mind-control – just like in The Matrix.

Note: if you liked this post, you will love my book: Dark Arts of the American Oligarchy.

Note: the lecture discussed above took place in Bozeman, Montana on Saturday, February 9, 2013.

The Hunger Games are Here

Katniss Everdeen, the heroine of the Hunger Games, risks her life by hunting with a bow-and-arrow in the woods outside of the coal-mining town where she lives. Poaching is punishable by death. That’s the type of thing an oligarchy does.


In 1324, the Venetian Oligarchy restricted lucrative shipping trade-routes to themselves; freezing out the “small people.” (See this.)

Beginning around 1750, the British Oligarchy kicked the small people out of the countryside with the Inclosure Acts.

If the USA is an oligarchy, as I believe, we should see similar economic restrictions on average Americans. And that is exactly what we see in the Information Technology industry. For example, a few years ago IBM’s “Project Lean” instituted a “No Americans” hiring policy, reserving IT jobs for H1-B visa workers, brought in mainly from India. Of course, IBM is not alone; these types of IT jobs are essentially off-limits to American citizens at numerous tech companies and multinationals.

As we speak, the oligarchs are plotting to displace even more American workers with an even larger tidal wave of mass-immigration. This is the high-tech version of Britain’s Inclosure Acts, and is a brutal crackdown on American citizens.

Note: if you liked this post, you will love my book: Dark Arts of the American Oligarchy.

Glass-Steagall Goes Mainstream

There’s hope yet! The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 was mentioned in a recent episode of HBO’s “Girls” series. The “Jessa” character said:

“What’s wrong with a Republican? It’s just the same as Democrat. They’re all dirt-bags. I mean, Bill Clinton is the one that got rid of our Glass-Steagall Act which is why our economy is in the toilet.”


The quote is at the 12:55 mark of show #12 “I Get Ideas” which is episode #2 of season #2 aired on January 20, 2013.