Ben Carson Has Been Anointed

Dr. Benjamin Carson went viral recently after he criticized Obamacare while President Obama was sitting just a few feet away. Republicans fell in love immediately, drooling over the prospect of finally getting a share of the black vote if Carson were to enter politics.

The reason I say that he has been anointed is because of the way Larry Kudlow reacted to Carson in the video below. Recently, Kudlow has been campaigning against the minimum wage. He is “outraged” at the appalling unemployment rate in the black community. And his solution is to eliminate the minimum wage, because as everybody knows, the way to help poor people is to slash their wages. Of course, as a high-ranking member of the Oligarchy, Kudlow’s solution to pretty much every problem is austerity for the small people.

So, as he interviewed Carson, Kudlow brought up the subject (at the 2:30 mark in the video.) But Carson didn’t have the Kudlow Catechism down, and gave the wrong answer. Instead of austerity, he recommended spending more money on education. I was thinking, “Duck Ben! Kudlow is going to blow your head off!” But instead, Kudlow genuflected. I could hardly believe it. Kudlow didn’t show such deference even for Mitt Romney in the heat of the 2012 presidential campaign. In fact, Kudlow slammed both Romney and Ryan to the concrete during the convention.

Carson could easily raise money for a presidential run. The Republicans are already worshiping him. But Carson is a bit naive. When discussing the 30% high-school drop-out rate (at 3:30), he says:

“This is the Information Age, the age of technology. There’s just no way we can afford to lose 30% of our individuals.”

But we can, and quite easily. That’s the whole point of our mass-immigration policy: to replace us lazy, stupid, uneducated American citizens with “magical” immigrants who can do everything better than we can. The Oligarchy has been ruthlessly replacing black workers with immigrants on a mass scale for decades now. Note to Carson: catch a clue.

Kudlow thinks that lower wages will encourage employers to hire more blacks. But even if it did, where would they live? Who can pay the rent on Chinese-style wages of $2 per hour? New York City already has a huge homeless problem because of high rents. Perhaps Kudlow would have them live in cages, as they do in the libertarian Shangri-La of Hong Kong. I am not exaggerating, I wrote about the cage people in my book.

It’s All Your Fault

Thomas L. Friedman’s job at the New York Times is to make you feel like being kicked out of the middle class is your fault. From this column:

“…median incomes are falling, inequality is rising and high unemployment remains persistent. How to adapt? It will require more individual initiative.”

See? It’s your fault for being lazy. It’s got nothing to do with the globalization- and mass-immigration policies that Friedman pushes.

The Left acts like “tax cuts for the rich” are the only driver of inequality. And that’s what I call The Big Lie of the Left. By championing off-shoring and mass-immigration, the Left is equally culpable along with the Right for the pulverization of the middle class.

1,031,631 Legal Immigrants in 2012

With all the media coverage of an imminent immigration deal in Congress, you would think that the latest stats from DHS would get more publicity. But they won’t; it is a forbidden topic in the corporate media.

But that doesn’t change the fact that 1,031,631 legal immigrants came into the USA in 2012. And we are on pace to set another all-time record for the decade of the 2010s. See the charts on my immigration page.

While the last jobs report delivered an upside surprise, the black unemployment rate remained unchanged at an appalling 13.8%. Why wouldn’t our black president help a brother out and ease back on the immigration a bit? Answer: because Obama is just another in a long-line of neo-liberal presidents. “Black” and “Democratic” are just marketing angles. Obama has done nothing whatsoever to change the immigration policy:


So, if you are black and unemployed, there is a good chance that you will never work again – ever. No matter what color the president is. The number of people clutching their resumes in line at job interviews is just going get longer and longer. And if you are over 50 years old, just forget about it. In fact, move to a civilized nation, like Canada or Australia. A place that isn’t trying to be the next China with a massive population and rock-bottom wages.

Russia’s Role in the American Civil War

The great thing about U.S. history is that there are so many fascinating things to learn. Why is that? Because quite a lot of events have been falsified or tossed down the memory hole for propaganda purposes. For example, I have been alive for 53 years, have read numerous books about the Civil War, watched all the movies, and never once did I come across the fact that Russian war ships patrolled our coasts during 1863-1864. From Wikipedia:

“In 1863, during the American Civil War, the Russian Navy’s Atlantic and Pacific Fleets wintered in the American ports of New York and San Francisco respectively. Some historians credit this visit as a major factor in deterring France and England from entering the war on the Confederate side.”

A special educational DVD of Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln will be sent to all middle schools and high schools in the USA. Of course, the film does not mention the Russians. True, Lincoln had a narrow focus, but in real life President Lincoln sent his wife to New York City to greet the Russians, who were the toast of the town.

In the near future, I expect this tidbit of history will remain in the memory hole. Russia has lots of oil reserves that it refuses to sell to our oil companies and will likely be demonized until it agrees to be carpetbagged.

Further reading: The Bilateral Effect of the Visit of the Russian Fleet in 1863.

Food Stamps Hit New Record: 47,791,996

The latest data released from the USDA yesterday shows a record 47,791,996 people on food stamps. Please see the updated food-stamp charts on this page.

Also, the percentage of the population on food stamps hit a record high in 2012 at 14.83%. See the fifth chart down on my Food Stamps page. You might think that our policy of mass legal immigration would dilute that percentage, but that is not so. Obviously, our economy cannot absorb a million fresh bodies per year.

Virginia’s FeedMore food bank provided 15 million meals last year, and is still having trouble meeting the demand – even with so many people already on food stamps. See this blog for the story.

Nailed It: Jobs Blow Out

On Friday, the BLS reported that the economy created 236,000 jobs in February. Having predicted only 171,000 jobs, economists were surprised. However, my subscribers at The Daily Jobs Update were not because on Tuesday night, I sent them this chart (click to enlarge):


The chart plots the growth-rate of federal withholding-tax collections – the money withheld from paychecks. The “second derivative” of the data, the slope of the chart, was clearly slanted upward since January. So, the economy was gaining momentum. The Daily Jobs Update is not free, but if you want free data, just head over the Zero Edge and stay bearish until your wife takes away your trading account.

How good is 236,000 jobs? Well, it’s better than a sharp stick in the eye. But after we deduct 100,000 or so for population growth, perhaps another 100,000 for mass legal immigration, and god-only-knows how many thousands of more jobs offshored, its no surprise the that number of people on food stamps has hit a record high. See the next post.

Warren Buffett Sucks the Blood of Minnesota

Last week, IBM announced that it is moving manufacturing jobs from its huge Rochester, Minnesota facility to Guadalajara, Mexico. Industry analysts think about 2,500-3,000 jobs will be lost. IBM didn’t say how much they will pay their new factory workers in Mexico, but if they pay anywhere near the prevailing rate, it will be far lower than what they have been paying in Minnesota.

Profits will surge, of course, and a nice chunk of those dividends will be paid out to America’s jolly old grandpa, Warren Buffett, who is a large shareholder. Buffett is famous for “not understanding technology” but he seems to understand carpetbagging technology just fine.

The facility which made servers, and hardware to run big-data and cloud systems, is one mile long, and about half the size of the Pentagon. How long before it is shuttered?

Read more in: Warren Buffett’s Plan to Destroy America.

Are 3,000 MRAP’s Enough to Reconquer Texas?

MRAP I can’t help but think that the DHS’s purchase of these MRAPs is a response to Alex Jones shouting “1776 will commence again!” at Piers Morgan a few weeks ago on CNN. Alex Jones does his radio show from Austin, and of course, there has been plenty of secessionist talk coming out of Texas recently. Of course, there are other potential uses for these weapons, which I will discuss when I have time. However, I’d just like to point out something about 1776: it didn’t come from the people.

The American Revolution was a Masonic/Illuminati project, and the American people were reluctant to join the effort – or to fund it. George Washington spent most of his time begging the states to fund his army. In 1789, Washington swore his oath of office on a Masonic bible.

The point is that the American Revolution was a revolution brought by the elite, not by the people. So, Alex Jones is using the wrong ideal. Perhaps he should switch to Shay’s Rebellion.

Also, as I discuss in my book, Dark Arts of the American Oligarchy, a lot of soldiers had to be killed and maimed in Iraq before these MRAPs replaced the flimsy Humvees:

We didn’t have the manufacturing capacity to make the special, super-strong steel needed to harden Humvees against IEDs, (improvised explosive devices). There were only two armor-quality steel mills left in the USA – and both were owned by foreign companies! One of them by a Russian company! Oregon Steel had been recently bought by Evraz Group S.A. of Russia, and International Steel Group was bought by Arcelor Mittal, a Dutch company.

During the first Civil War, the North enjoyed superior manufacturing capacity. Would that still be true in a second such war? After all, Rust Belt factories have been moved south. And what if Mexico, the lucky recipient of a large chunk of our industrial base, came in on the side of Texas? Could the North prevail again? De-industrialization has consequences after all…

Shark Tank Tones Down Anti-Americanism

If you have never seen ABC’s Shark Tank show, here is what it is: entrepreneurs come on and pitch their business propositions to the “sharks” – five investors, the most famous of which is Mark Cuban. If the sharks like a business, they negotiate a deal with the entrepreneur.

When I first started watching this show, I was jarred by how the sharks insisted that production be done in China. Of course, I knew that sort of thing was going on, that venture capitalists had been asking entrepreneurs about their “China strategy” for many years now. But to see it on TV made it more real.

So, if a patriotic American came on the show and said that she wanted to manufacture her product in the USA, the sharks would not invest, and would make a lot of negative remarks about how being patriotic is “closed minded,” foolish, etc.

One such patriotic American was Donny McCall, who insisted on manufacturing his Invis-A-Rack product for pickup trucks in the USA. The sharks wanted nothing to do with him. That was on February 24, 2012 (episode #2 of season #3).

In recent episodes, I had noticed that the show had toned down its anti-American rhetoric, and I thought: “aha, just like Walmart and Apple paying lip service to creating jobs in the USA.” Then on February 15, 2013 (episode #16 of season #4), Shark Tank did an update on Donny McCall, who is now manufacturing his product in Iowa. It’s too early to tell if the product will be a success or not.

So, the moral of the story is that the sharks were wrong, right? Not so fast. Keep in mind that nothing has changed. The deck is still stacked in favor of China. The yuan is still pegged to the dollar, there are no protective tariffs to encourage domestic manufacturing, etc.

Even worse, if Invis-A-Rack is a success, Mr. McCall might soon have a Chinese man knocking on his door, offering to buy him out, or face having his product knocked-off, and made in China for a fraction of the cost. That happens. A Chinese man will literally knock on your door, and he will bring with him a sample of the product so that you can see that he is not joking and that the quality is comparable.

Or a large retailer will help a competitor set up in China. American retailers have a long history of undermining domestic manufacturing companies. Or maybe one of the sharks will go into business against McCall.

This, by the way, is the reason why bringing in “magical” immigrant entrepreneurs to create jobs for us knucklehead Americans has not worked, and will not ever work. It doesn’t matter who you are because when you go to raise investment capital, you will be asked the same question that the sharks asked McCall: “What is your China strategy?”

So, the moral of the story is: don’t hate the player, hate the game. But also, we should hate the architects of the game such as David Rockefeller, and Walmart, which campaigned hard for NAFTA, etc. We should also hate the players that uphold the game, and seek to perpetuate it.

If all of your competitors are undercutting you by manufacturing in China, by all means, move your plant to China and compete with them. But your political position should support policies that re-stack the deck in the USA’s favor so that you can one day bring your factory home.

And one last thing about Shark Tank: in the intro to the show, they describe shark Robert Herjavec as “the son of an immigrant factory worker.” They don’t say “mere factory worker” but it still rubs me the wrong way. As if his father was a liability because he was a blue-collar worker. It strikes me as condescending, and even insulting to a man whom I’m sure worked very hard to give his son every advantage within his power to give.

The big story is the trend where more-and-more companies and politicians are feeling the need to pay lip-service to creating jobs in the USA, because that is most-certainly not our policy today. Maybe one day this trend will turn into an actual policy shift, though I suspect that companies like Walmart are just trying to ride out the storm until the American people are distracted by something else, and patriotism is killed off for good.