Ben Carson Has Been Anointed

Dr. Benjamin Carson went viral recently after he criticized Obamacare while President Obama was sitting just a few feet away. Republicans fell in love immediately, drooling over the prospect of finally getting a share of the black vote if Carson were to enter politics.

The reason I say that he has been anointed is because of the way Larry Kudlow reacted to Carson in the video below. Recently, Kudlow has been campaigning against the minimum wage. He is “outraged” at the appalling unemployment rate in the black community. And his solution is to eliminate the minimum wage, because as everybody knows, the way to help poor people is to slash their wages. Of course, as a high-ranking member of the Oligarchy, Kudlow’s solution to pretty much every problem is austerity for the small people.

So, as he interviewed Carson, Kudlow brought up the subject (at the 2:30 mark in the video.) But Carson didn’t have the Kudlow Catechism down, and gave the wrong answer. Instead of austerity, he recommended spending more money on education. I was thinking, “Duck Ben! Kudlow is going to blow your head off!” But instead, Kudlow genuflected. I could hardly believe it. Kudlow didn’t show such deference even for Mitt Romney in the heat of the 2012 presidential campaign. In fact, Kudlow slammed both Romney and Ryan to the concrete during the convention.

Carson could easily raise money for a presidential run. The Republicans are already worshiping him. But Carson is a bit naive. When discussing the 30% high-school drop-out rate (at 3:30), he says:

“This is the Information Age, the age of technology. There’s just no way we can afford to lose 30% of our individuals.”

But we can, and quite easily. That’s the whole point of our mass-immigration policy: to replace us lazy, stupid, uneducated American citizens with “magical” immigrants who can do everything better than we can. The Oligarchy has been ruthlessly replacing black workers with immigrants on a mass scale for decades now. Note to Carson: catch a clue.

Kudlow thinks that lower wages will encourage employers to hire more blacks. But even if it did, where would they live? Who can pay the rent on Chinese-style wages of $2 per hour? New York City already has a huge homeless problem because of high rents. Perhaps Kudlow would have them live in cages, as they do in the libertarian Shangri-La of Hong Kong. I am not exaggerating, I wrote about the cage people in my book.