Adam Curry will be Safe in Syria

In the June 17, 2012 episode of his No Agenda podcast, Adam Curry said that he had been invited to appear on a radio talk show in Damascus. Curry wondered if it would be safe to go. Would he be kidnapped by terrorists?

But there is no need to worry. Syria is a Russian ally, Curry is a libertarian, and The Kremlin ♥ Libertarians. So, Curry will likely be well-protected. Having an American citizen criticizing the USA from Damascus is the kind of thing Vladamir Putin will eat up with a spoon. He may even assign some crack KGB agents to Curry’s security detail.

Adam Curry will be just fine in Damascus. Sort of like Jana Fonda was in Hanoi in 1972. Maybe he will even pose for a picture with an anti-aircraft gun…

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