Alex Jones and the Big Lie

If you are one of the millions enthralled by Alex Jones, you need to ask yourself why your savior tells you so many lies. During nearly every podcast, Jones can be heard attacking “the private, run-for-profit, Federal Reserve Bank.” (For an example, see the 1/30/2014 episode at the 2:12:05 mark.)

Does Alex Jones know that the Fed turns over its profits to the U.S. Treasury – some $79.6 billion in 2013? Yes, of course he does.

Does Alex Jones know that the President appoints the chairman of the Fed, and that the chairman must be confirmed by the Senate? Yes, of course he does.

So why does Jones lie about the Fed? Answer: because he is a propagandist, and like Goebbels, Jones knows how effective the Big Lie can be. He also must believe that his thralls aren’t too bright.

Ironically, Ben Bernanke’s Fed was the only institution in Washington that wasn’t under the thumb of the globalists that Jones professes to hate so much. In fact, if the truth were known, it was probably the globalists who got Obama to fire Bernanke because of his historic “China Speech” and his subsequent quantitative-easing programs that put so much pressure on the globalists and their Chinese partners.

What did Jones do while Bernanke was roughing up the globalists? He was telling lies about the Fed, and even conducting street protests. The globalists must have enjoyed the ridiculous antics of their useful idiot.

Asian mercantilism, backed by the multinationals, is the heaviest boot on America’s neck. Ben Bernanke and the Fed did a million times more to remove that boot than Alex Jones ever will.

Note: Bernanke’s QE put heavy pressure on the yuan-dollar currency peg that the Chinese/Multinatinals have imposed upon the USA. To learn how that works, read my book.

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