An “Arab October” for Saudi Arabia?

If there is one thing that could sink the stock market and President Obama, it’s an Arab Spring revolt in Saudi Arabia. DEBKAfile is reporting:

“King Abdullah faces a Muslim Brotherhood ultimatum to announce before the end of September his acceptance of constitutional rule and democratic elections or go down under an Arab Spring insurrection.”

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2 thoughts on “An “Arab October” for Saudi Arabia?

  1. I agree that that could tank the market but overall, I think this scenario is in Obama’s favor. Romney has shown himself to be completely incompetent when it comes to foreign affairs and this will only serve to emphasize how unready he is to deal with delicate international situations.

    1. OsbourneCox I think you’ve got your names mixed up. The last time I checked Barry was president and Romney was a private citizen. At least wait until the guy’s elected president in November before criticizing his policies.

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