Audit the Fed? No, Audit the Sweatshops

Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Federal Reserve Bank passed the House of Representatives today. But what is good for the sanctimonious libertarian goose is good for the gander, right?

It was libertarian “free trade” policies that converted millions of American middle-class jobs into Asian sweatshop jobs. So, Congress should pass a law requiring webcams in every sweatshop that makes goods for export to the USA. The webcams will feed video to a free website operated by the Department of Labor, and anybody will be able to “audit” any sweatshop whenever they want.

Suicides, knife fights in dormitories, rats & roaches crawling over sleeping workers, underage girls getting their faces burned off in easily-preventable industrial accidents.

Let’s have a look at how the libertarian sausage is made, shall we?

5 thoughts on “Audit the Fed? No, Audit the Sweatshops

  1. Sweatshops are controlled and regulated by the country they reside in… Not ours. If you want to handle that issue in house, then disband unions who make factory work so expensive in the U.S. and teir minimum wage per job requirements. A high school dropout should not start a job at the same wage the guy with the masters degree is getting paid to work at Starbucks… or do away with minimum wages altogether and let the free market determine wages. That will make it so manufacturing jobs can return to the U.S. and working conditions can be regulated federally.

    1. Take a look at what Caterpillar is doing.

      Caterpillar made $4.9 billion profit. If they raised these people’s pay $10,000 each, your only talking $7.8 million. It is 0.159% (0.00159)of Caterpillar’s profit. Inflation has averaged since 2008 about 2.075%. Giving the worker $10,000 more per year does not equal the inflation rate as a share of the profit. If the worker were getting their due based on inflation they would get a piece of $101,675,000. This would be $130,352.56 each for the 780 workers. Caterpillar would still have $4,798,325,000.00 profit. Imagine what that $130,352.56 would do for the economy in Joliet! I’ll bet Caterpillar equipment sales would rise do to demand for construction.

      1. Like Warren Buffet says, the rich are winning the class war. And Cat is following a scorched-earth policy. They won’t be satisfied until pay, and working conditions here match those in Asian sweatshops.

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