32 thoughts on “BKX H&S?

  1. K,

    I think my purchases just hit APPL’s accounting department. Two iPhones and one laptop in the past two months. Stores were crowded.

  2. I’m taking my iPhone to the gym now. Did I mention I loaded 20 movies onto that thing? Yep, I’ll be joggin’ & bloggin’ at the same time. 🙂

  3. I’ve watched some pretty prideful people break down and buy the “bubble gum” iPhone over the crackberry. Crackberry people are supplementing their addiction with an iPhone. Btw, you can turn off the spell correct that makes your typing look juvenile.

  4. i did not notice it til now (because the NDX wasn’t really doing anything today to cause me to check) & this reflects BEFORE AAPL’s earnings announcement because cash NDX is 4PM.

    NDX did not NON-confirm today; it confirmed the move up while SPX non-conf.

    To me this means at least several days before a top.

  5. Hmmm…. So far, Apple and TI have not been enough to break the futures to a new high. The ES hit 1096.75 during the day before being dragged down by the sagging banks. And so far, after hours, have only been able to recover to 1096.50.

    That’s a bit concerning, though it is still early and the ES is in a bull-flag pattern at the moment. If the flag makes a 100% extension, with no further retracement from this point, the target is 1101.25.

  6. Matt

    Good work, actually excellent work, you captured the emotion of a trade. There will be a top and it will come like a thief in the night. I always remember your post that said when your inner being said I HAVE TO BUY THIS RALLY, it was probably time to short! Or maybe it was when you can’t stand it any more SELL SHORT this MOFO, you should buy! Good work. Your Darvocet induced observer.


  7. Here is the K story for the rest of the year. remember it well.
    it doesn’t matter if we hit 1125 of my all time max of 1235 (not likely)
    we will retrace to a minimum of 900 is it hard? yes. 1020 950 and 900 are going to be 3 major supports.

    well i decided to sleep in early today. gotta recharge brain after this analysis.

  8. Grandfather always says that he wishes he and
    his team did not have anything to do with
    developing the cell phone. He hates cell phones.
    And I wonder where we are when the market
    and Apple depends on how many cell phones
    Apple sells.
    It would be nice if we made and sold other products
    in the USA.
    K, where does Apple make its cell phone?

  9. Matt, your article reinforces my trading style. What I use is as old as the hills yet effective. Seeing confirmation that these patterns are still viable gives me relief and confidence that what I’m doing is okay. I often wonder if patterns will change character, but I haven’t noticed anything abnormal except that some appear to be broken until hindsight proves differently.


  10. Short interest on the NYSE continues to drop.
    When the move down finally starts, the market
    will have very little fire power.

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