How Will Trump Spend the H1-B Blood Money?

Well, it’s that time of year again; time for another 85,000 American citizens to be kicked to the curb by yet another wave of foreign scabs. True-to-form as a cheap-labor-loving robber baron, President Trump is permitting the H-1B program to go full-steam ahead.

Somehow “Buy American, Hire American” doesn’t apply here.

Employers will pay about $3,000 a head to the federal government for the privilege of hiring a foreigner instead of an American citizen. Multiply that fee by 85,000 and you get $255,000,000. A nice chunk of change. The money is supposed to be spent on retraining, but seriously, retraining for what? Does one really need training to become a ward of the state?

In 2016, the Obama Administration kicked off a frenzy among non-profits when it made $100 million of blood money available for “job-training partnerships” in conjunction with National Apprenticeship Week. What’s an apprenticeship? That’s where some do-gooders go into our tent cities and favelas looking for bright kids that they can polish up with free, online computer-science classes, and then pimp them out to employers for $15 per hour.

That’s right; the blood money is being used to cultivate yet another source of cheap labor. The much trumpeted $15 per hour figure is starting to look like a robber-baron vision of a new minimum wage for tech workers.

Here’s a quote from Obama’s 2016 press release:

“Funded through fees paid by employers to bring foreign workers into the U.S. under the H-1B temporary visa program, America’s Promise grants are intended to raise the technical skill levels of American workers and, over time, help businesses reduce their reliance on temporary visa programs.”

That’s the “Americans are Too Stupid to Work” meme that is a staple of mass-immigration propaganda.

Obviously, the H-1B program should be abolished. If Trump won’t do that, then he should at least return the blood money to the victims: the bulk of which are unemployed American IT workers. That could probably be done under existing law if the workers pledge to spend the money on retraining; for a Coal Mining 101 class perhaps.

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