Should Republicans Support California Secession?

Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Shervin Pishevar, is bankrolling an effort to have California secede from the USA. Of all the states, California might be best suited to stand on its own. It is not land-locked, can grow food, and build weapons (e.g. the B-2 bomber was built in Pico Rivera). However, any state that manages to secede has to be ready to withstand a trade embargo from the rest of the USA. Imagine what that would be like for California companies such as Apple. Foxconn could ship iPhones into the Port of Los Angeles, but what if they were turned back at the Arizona border?

Could Apple replace the USA with another export market? Probably not; they already ship to places like Japan and the European Union. Giant markets like the USA don’t just grow on trees. Apple, and many other companies would just have to suffer a very large reduction in sales. Of course, corporations have a fiduciary responsibility to maximize profits, so it is likely that most California companies would have to move to the USA, and give up the California market instead.

What if the Pacific Fleet left San Diego, along with other military units? Could California build an army faster than a hostile power could land on their beaches? What if China or Russia allied with Mexico and started staging forces there? Might be a problem.

What if people resisted when ordered to stop paying taxes to Washington, and render unto Sacramento instead? How many loyalists would need to be put down?

Seceding is not something you can do on a lark. There is quite a lot of planning required.

And one of the things California would have to plan for is a future where they have a large, hostile, perpetually Republican nation on their eastern border. Because if California took its 55 electoral votes and went home, it would be rather difficult for the Democratic Party to ever win the White House again. And so, Republicans might consider speeding the process along. I don’t think there is any provision in the Constitution for expelling a state, but modern presidents can do pretty much anything with “a pen and a phone” these days. 🙂

One thought on “Should Republicans Support California Secession?

  1. The word this billionaire wants is “partition” not “secession”. Partition is peaceful and involves mutual agreement of all concerned. Partition is explicitly Constitutional. Congress with the agreement of the former states redefined their state boundaries to be several square feet of floor tile inside the Capitol building, by agreement of the state legislature — the one section of the Constitution that cannot be amended without unanimous consent of all states — having no Senators.

    Pacifica, including Oregon and Washington and Hawaii, takes with it a reasonable segment of the National Debt, not to mention the military units stationed within its borders — there may be some long-term personnel exchanges — and keeps an open-border agreement with the USA.

    Partition works much better than secession.

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