Call of Fame

Here are some of my home-run calls:

November 19, 2009
In the second paragraph from the bottom of this post, I wrote: “One thing to watch for on Friday is for the market to fall in a wedge pattern.” And here is a 5-minute SPY chart showing exactly that (click chart to enlarge):

SPY Wedge - 11-20-09

Not bad, huh?

October 23, 2009 – After George spotted a triangle, I posted this chart with a target for the pattern. This is a 15-minute chart of the S&P 500 (click to enlarge):

SPX Triangle

A few days later, KABOOM!:

SPX Triangle - 10-28-09

October 23, 2009 – Just as the market was topping and getting ready to plunge, I warned the bulls:

“QQQQ gap filled. Note to bulls: Run! Run!”

October 22, 2009I wrote:

“The market appears to be winding up for a big move.”

Four days later, the S&P 500 had made a dramatic 50-point plunge.

October 22, 2009I wrote:

“Keep an eye out for crows.”

…and linked to an Identical Three Crows candlestick pattern, which is a crash pattern. A few days later, SPY’s daily chart looked like this:

Crows - 10-28-09

October 19, 2009I posted this chart of the BKX banking index showing a head-and-shoulders top pattern with a downside target:


A few days later, the BKX had plunged down, right through the target:


When I posted the first chart, FAZ was at 18.69. The day I posted the second chart here, FAZ closed at 22.95. So, if you had gotten into the FAZ-mobile when I posted the chart, you would have made a 22.79% return in just a few days.

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