The Carpetbagging of Detroit

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder declared a fiscal emergency in Detroit today paving the way for the city government to be taken over by the state. As this is discussed in the coming weeks, you will hear a lot of talk about how Detroit’s auto plants went south. And that is certainly true, but some of those plants went north to Canada.

In the Auto Pact of 1965, factories were sent across the Detroit River to Windsor and southern Ontario. Here is a map of Detroit/Windsor where you can see the Detroit River (click to enlarge):

Detroit River

What was the point of sending plants a few miles across the river? Greed of course. Corporate profits. Wages were lower in Canada at the time, and the welfare of Detroit was simply not an issue to the multinationals that run the global economy. And like I say in my book, Dark Arts of the American Oligarchy, “globalization” is just a euphemism for the carpetbagging of America. Detroit is “gone with the wind” just like the Old South. The difference is that Detroit didn’t deserve to be razed to the ground.

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