Self-Driving Cars Trying to Run Over Trump

The hype around self-driving cars has been deafening. And yet, whenever you read a story like “Uber’s First Self-Driving Fleet Arrives in Pittsburgh This Month” it goes on to say: “The autonomous cars, launching this summer, are custom Volvo XC90s, supervised by humans in the driver’s seat.”

This has been going on for years, and while cars can now do some cool things like parallel parking, they don’t seem to be even close to being autonomous. Will I live to see the day when a self-driving car can navigate a Cleveland blizzard? Probably not.

So why the excessive hype? I think it’s part of the “Robots Are Taking Your Jobs” psyop. Every year, well over a million immigrants, visa-workers, and illegals are brought into the USA to take jobs from citizens. And even more jobs are offshored. This level of evil cannot be perpetrated, without causing a revolution, unless they have the cover of media mind-control.

And so, every day, on every network, we are bombarded with the propaganda that “The Robots are Taking Your Jobs!” Yet, if you go look in Disney’s IT department, you don’t see robots there. You see Indians. If you go to the maquiladoras on the Texas border, you don’t see robots. You see Mexicans. And yes, you have to go there because the corporate media is careful to never show them on TV – in the news or in entertainment programs and movies.

The self-driving car hype is part of a vast media psyop to blunt a populous rebellion like we are seeing right now in the candidacy of Donald Trump. And the psyop seems to wearing thin. After all, you can only say “don’t run; we are your friends” for so long before the people figure it out.

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