Caruso-Cabrera – Dumb as Bag of Hammers

In this video, you can see CNBC talking head Michelle Caruso-Cabrera saying that it’s OK for manufacturing jobs to be sent to Asia because they are beneath Americans. Her position is that Joe Sixpack should stop hitting things with hammers inside of factories and go work as a scientist at a bio-tech firm.

OK, there are plenty of smart people who work in factories. And maybe Caruso-Cabrera is right; maybe they should be turned out of their jobs, and forced to go through ten years of higher education to prepare for their new careers as rocket scientists.

But what about the dumb people? Not everybody is smart, you know. Not everybody can “use their brain” to “move up the job value chain.” The fact is that repetitive assembly-line jobs that don’t require higher thought are an ideal way for dumb people to earn a living.

Note to Caruso-Cabrera: when you go to small town, take its only factory and send it to China, THE DUMB PEOPLE DO NOT GO WITH IT. What do you suggest they do for a living now that you have applied your economic genius to their town?

In addition to advocating the export of factory jobs while the USA suffers double-digit unemployment, Caruso-Cabrera also advocates the importation of engineers and programmers via H1-B visas. Brilliant strategy: export jobs, import workers.

Speaking of H1-B visas, isn’t it time that CNBC was outsourced? Why not start with Caruso-Cabrera? She works on the stock-market channel and can’t even pronounce the word “stock”. Instead, she says “stalk”, like she is talking about celery or something. Shouldn’t CNBC bring over an Indian woman on an H1-B visa to replace Caruso-Cabrera? I’m sure that a smart, young, attractive Indian woman who can pronounce “stock” could easily be found. And she will work for 10% of what Caruso-Cabrera makes. C’mon GE, its time to boost your profits some more with another “cost control”.

Also in the video, they are carrying on about how their boss GE CEO Jeff Immelt made some comments about how the USA should do more manufacturing. The talking heads even “challenged” the professor guest to figure out a way to do it. Can you imagine the hypocrisy? It was Corporate America that rammed the free-trade laws with low-wage countries like China and India through Congress in unconstitutional “fast track” style for the sole purpose of exporting jobs. Now GE/CNBC is acting like they are some sort of champion for American workers.