The Trump Litany

During the past eight years, we have been subjected to what I call The Obama Litany. Every time the President started speaking, he would say something like: “When I took over, the economy was in a shambles, the stock marked was smashed, millions were out of work, blah, blah, blah.”

Regardless of what he said was true or not, it got to be a bit annoying, no? And it wasn’t only Obama; every other Democratic politician recited the litany too. How many times did we hear the litany? A thousand times? A million? It was like they were caught in an infinite loop. Maybe they said other important things after the litany, but I didn’t hear them because I was always hitting the mute button and trying not to vomit.

Well, guess what? Trump can have his own litany. Despite all the alleged miracles that Obama claims to have performed, he has left the nation coated with a thick blanket of poverty. The 43.6 million people that we have on food stamps is cold, hard, irrefutable evidence of not only Obama’s failure, but more importantly, the failure of globalization itself, and of course, mass-immigration.

So, Trump’s litany might go like this: “When I took over from Obama, the nation was deep in poverty with dollar stores on every corner, and 43.6 million people on food stamps as reported by Obama’s own Department of Agriculture. Without government cheese, millions would have starved in the streets…”

And he wouldn’t be lying or exaggerating. Not one bit. Of course, he has to get a sizeable chunk of those 43.6 million back to work before he can start reciting his litany.

Trump Must Shut Down *Legal* Immigration

President-Elect Trump didn’t have much to say about legal immigration in his stump speech during the campaign, but this is a critical issue. Trump had a solid win in the Electoral College vote, but won squeakers in several important states.

Over the past decade, we have been handing out an average of over 1 million green cards per year (see my charts here). If Trump conducts business as usual, and issues another 4 million green cards during his first term, there is a good chance that he will be digging his own grave in 2020.

Now, most of the immigration goes to only a few states. All of those freshly-minted voters pouring into California and New York? Yeah, their Democratic votes don’t count, because Electoral College. But the other huge immigrant magnet is Florida where newbies cast nuclear-powered votes. Trump narrowly won Florida by 119,770 votes, which is 1.3%.

Trump scored a dramatic victory, but that was largely because the Hillary-biased media had everybody brainwashed. With non-crooked polling and honest news coverage, the surprise-factor would have been much smaller, and maybe non-existent. So, it’s important that Republicans not let this win go their heads.

The Republican Party can still go extinct due to mass-immigration.

The party also has to retain the blue-collar workers that it pilfered from the Democrats. The fastest way to do that is to reduce the supply of labor to create upward pressure on wages just like we did after the Great Depression. Bringing the factories home won’t help if the lion’s share of new jobs continues going to foreign-born workers.

Restricting immigration creates a middle-class society. Mass-immigration creates a billionaire/cheap-labor society. This mindset does not come naturally to the Republican Party, but as the pollsters like to say, there is no other “path” to survival.

Don’t Unify the Country

Democrats are calling on Trump to “unify” the nation. But what do they actually mean by that? Answer: they want him to hire Hillary, and renege on his campaign promises. No wall, no bringing the factories home, no immigration actions, etc.

They want him to walk everything back until the special snowflakes stop bawling.

F*** that noise.

I remember being surprised when Obama hired Hillary after the nasty primary battle they fought. Turns out, that was the very dumbest decision Obama made. She blew up the entire Middle East, and that will be pinned on his legacy. By supporting Hillary’s career, he created a monster who bungled the 2016 campaign. And now Obama is faced with the prospect of Trump overturning his entire legacy. Obama ruled by decree, so Trump can overturn most of his policies just as easily.

Live by the executive order; die by the executive order.

Obama has only himself to blame. If he had boosted the career of a more-competent politician, he might not be faced with his legacy being erased.

If Trump wanted to appoint Hillz as D.C. dog-catcher, I would confirm the appointment. But any “unifying” beyond that is out of the question.

Damn the snowflakes; full speed ahead.

Ross Perot – Vindicated

Over the decades since NAFTA became law, Ross Perot has been mocked for his “giant sucking sound” phrase. A recent example is from Democratic Party propagandist Nate Silver. In the video, Silver plays banjo music in the background to make Perot look like a hillbilly, and then shows Clinton operative James Carville sneering (at 5:53):

“Heh. He talked about the giant sucking sound of all the jobs that were going to go to Mexico.”

But of course, the jobs did go to Mexico. Just because it wasn’t discussed in the corporate media doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. In fact, our border with Mexico is now one vast, continent-spanning maquiladora staffed by a million Mexican workers who are paid a fraction of what the Americans who used to hold those jobs were paid.

Those displaced Americans were the voters who came out on Tuesday night to crush the Clinton machine like a bug.

All they needed was a genuine leader. Over the years, pretty much all presidential candidates have run against NAFTA – even a libertarian like Ron Paul was briefly opposed to NAFTA when he was running for president in 1992. But nobody ever convinced the voters that they would *really* do something about NAFTA until Donald Trump came along.

So, the Democrats have been defeated. And guess what? If Trump really does throw the giant sucking sound into reverse, the Democrats will be defeated again in 2020 because all of those jobs rushing back will create an earth-shaking economic expansion.

The giant sucking sound is real – as real as a heart attack for the Democratic Party, which should probably just disband right now. They are…

Just. That. Clueless.

Trump’s Mandate

Yes, it’s a mandate. The people gave Trump both the House and the Senate. And while he didn’t win the popular vote, we have HRC’s goon squad on video confessing to massive vote-fraud. Since nobody has bothered to interrogate them, for some strange reason, we don’t know how many votes were stolen. Yes, the goons were fired, but they were still loose during the voting.

At the time of this writing, HRC only has 206,078 more votes than Trump. That’s only 0.2% out of a total of 120 million. According to their own words in the Project Veritas video, HRC’s goons could have easily stolen more than 206,078. So, until those scumbags are taken to Gitmo and waterboarded, we might be justified in concluding that Trump won the popular vote too. And don’t forget that we also have a leaked email of HRC herself discussing the possibility of fixing a Palestinian Authority election. There is no doubt the the HRC campaign stole votes; we just don’t know how many.

In other news, a few weeks back, Mark Cuban insulted Donald Trump by saying something like: “He’s so stupid, he will probably win the popular vote and lose the electoral vote because he doesn’t know what the Electoral College is.” Now look at what happened: Cuban’s own genius candidate won the popular vote but got a beating in the Electoral vote. Who’s the dummy now, Cuban?

In Hillary’s concession speech, she said:

“Last night, I congratulated Donald Trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country.”

In other words, she asked for a job – just like Obama hired her as Secretary of State after he defeated her in 2008. This is the Clinton Mafia trying to muscle-in on the new Trump Administration. Trump should subpoena her instead. She really does belong in jail – ideally, a Haitian jail. What a wonderful diplomatic gift that would be to the people of Haiti. 🙂

I Got on the Trump Bandwagon 6.5 Years Ago

Way, way back, on April 9, 2010 I wrote in Donaldus Magnus:

“Make Trump dictator and send him to DC to bust some heads.”

Six years later, huge crowds were chanting at Trump rallies: “Drain the Swamp! Drain the Swamp! Drain the Swamp!”

Not bad, huh?

On November 7, 2010 I wrote in Global Economy R.I.P:

“Which politician wants to overthrow the multinational regime, return prosperity to the USA, and be the next Ronald Reagan? The opportunity is there.”

Donald Trump picked up the ball, and ran with it. Good for him, and his historic “outsider upset” victory over HRC.

On November 18, 2010 I wrote in Trump For President!:

“Note to mercantilists: Look in the mirror. See that red dot on your forehead? That’s President Trump drawing a bead on you!”

Today, the mercantilist nations of the world are experiencing sheer terror, as the money-spigot from the USA is about to be shut off.

On November 22, 2012 I wrote “I Am a Protectionist” – years before all the cool kids were doing it. In that piece, I wrote:

“I am a Protectionist. And you will be one too. It’s only a matter of time. Trust me. It’s coming. You will eventually agree with me.”

And now you cheer Donald Trump as he promises to smash our idiotic trade deals.

Of course, Trump dropped out of the 2012 presidential race early, and I castigated him.

“Trump balked when he realized how much work it would take to campaign in New Hampshire and Iowa. And he withered under media ridicule…Trump wimped out. He revealed himself to be lazy and thin-skinned.”

I was hoping that those comments would get back to him and motivate him to prove everybody wrong in 2016. And so he did. In an astonishing transformation, Trump became The Hardest Working Man in Politics. He set an incredible pace; one that would have killed most candidates half his age. Congratulations are in order.

And finally, while Trump supporters were clutching their pearls over BS polls forecasting an HRC landslide victory, I wrote TRUMP MANIA!!! on October 23, 2016. And it did indeed turn out to be a mania strong enough to smash through HRC’s “Blue Wall.”

Worst. Candidate. Ever.

In order to appreciate the magnitude of the stupidity of the Democratic Party…imagine if the Republicans had coronated Dick Chaney as their nominee. Yes, coronating Hillary Clinton was: Just. That. Stupid.

So, why did they do it? Answer: they thought that they could get away with it. And why wouldn’t they? When you have a Nineteen Eighty-Four level of control over the news media, and the entertainment media, why not coronate a woman who literally steals food from the mouths of Haitian earthquake victims? All of that evil can be simply papered-over.

During the primaries, Bernie Sanders constantly polled way better than HRC in head-to-head match-ups with Donald Trump. He probably could have beaten Trump. But the HRC cabal still bumped him off with dirty tricks so bad that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had to resign in disgrace from her position as DNC chair.

The Democrats have only themselves to blame for their defeat.

It will be interesting to see what they do next. They are way behind the Republican Party which has been transformed into a high-energy populist movement. The Republicans kicked out their globalist establishment, but instead of following suit, the Democrats doubled-down and became the standard bearer of robber-baron globalization. If Hillary “Rockefeller” Clinton continues on as party leader, the Democrats are doomed.

Who’s the “Stupid Party” now?

Take *That* David Rockefeller

Donald Trump campaigned against the trade policies of Bill Clinton, but in reality Clinton was only one of a series of puppet presidents used by David Rockefeller to implement his Washington Consensus. The goal of Rockefeller’s plan was to strip the American middle class of its wealth.

It worked.

Add finally the people have risen up to throw off their chains.

I am so glad that Rockefeller is alive to see this.

Fifteen years ago, Rockefeller’s machinations were “just” a conspiracy theory. Then in 2002, he published his Memoirs and took credit for all of his evil deeds. So now, the conspiracy theory has become objective history. Here is the most infamous quote from the book:

“Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as internationalists and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

Notice that you could paraphrase this quote without changing the meaning into:

“I am proud to be part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States.”

That’s what Trump has just smashed. Make no mistake; this is a very significant event in American history. Read it and weep, Rockefeller.

Note: For more details on this, read my book American Oligarchy.

Trump Wins Minnesota High-School Election

You may have heard Trump mention Minnesota’s high-school mock election, which he won by 2%. 77,000 students voted, and they were very diverse in their choices. Here are the complete results. Some Democrat students tried to stuff the ballot box, but they were caught and stuffed into lockers.

This exercise is significant because Minnesota has voted Democratic in presidential elections all the way back to Richard Nixon’s landslide in 1972 (see the chart on this page).