Why did Putin Give Hillary so Many Votes?

Hillary’s got some splanin to do. Everybody knows that Vladimir Putin seized control of our presidential election, so we have to ask: why did he give Hillary nearly 3 million more votes than he gave to Trump? What kind of low-down dirty deal did Hillz cut with the evil Putin?

And why hasn’t James Clapper been fired? As Director of National Intelligence, he is clearly incompetent to protect America from the rapacious Russians.

And what about Obama, who has failed his presidential oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States?” Is it too late to impeach him? Sure, he’ll be gone soon, but for the sake of justice, he should be punished for letting a foreign power seize control of our country.

Heads must roll! Congress should begin investigating these grossly incompetent politicians & officials immediately. If found guilty, they should be sent to the electric chair, just like the traitorous Rosenbergs.

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