CIA Purchases Libya on Behalf of Taxpayers

Wasn’t it surprising how the bumbling Libyan rebels suddenly invaded and captured Tripoli? Gaddafi’s six combat brigades were easily routed by the rebel’s famed “Three Stooges” platoon.

Weird, right?

Turns out, we captured Tripoli just like we did Baghdad and Afghanistan: CIA black helicopters dropped bales of cash on Gaddafi’s commanders, and bribed them not to fight (according to DEBKAFile).

How much cash? I don’t know, but I’m sure that you’ve heard the stories about the cargo plane’s stuffed with cash that went un-accounted for in Iraq and Afghanistan. However much it was, you can be sure of this: it was only the beginning. Now we will have to spend money battling insurgents, bribing tribal warlords to stop fighting, propping up the new government, etc.

And then comes billions of dollars in reconstruction contracts for the Cheney & Sons construction company. That’s why we bomb them first; if we just bribed them not to fight from the get-go, there would no reconstruction profits for politically-connected companies.

And at the end of the day, Libya will remain a member of OPEC (just like Kuwait and Iraq), and you won’t even get a break on the price of gasoline. All the spoils will turn into oil company profits.

Such a deal, right?

But I don’t remember signing-off on this project. As a matter of fact, I don’t even remember my representatives in Congress debating and approving this project.

Funny how that works here in our so-called Democracy.

Curiously, the Tea Party has no objection to this expenditure of taxpayer dollars. Apparently, invasion without representation is no problem for them. Reminds me of the neocons….

18 thoughts on “CIA Purchases Libya on Behalf of Taxpayers

  1. Ha. Funny stuff Matt.

    On the webinar again this morning. I’m already in a trade making profits and this guy says he needs to wait to see what happens. He wants to go long on Russell. I’m not watching that market but I’m short on the S&P.

    I just made $1 on financials inverse – so far.

    He’s stalling for sure.

  2. And yes, this is an intraday trading webinar.

    I’m not saying the market won’t end higher, just saying that he needs to be trading some kind of signals right now.

    He’s waiting on news.

  3. I’m up $2.35+ and he still hasn’t made a trade. I’ve made enough to meet the price of his course so maybe I’ll join.

    Obviously, he makes his $ on subscriptions, mentoring, and private membership.

  4. Well, he finally made a trade… went long Russell. So far, he’s in the red. Using “fast line”, “slow line”, which is the same as my 9MA and 36MA.

  5. g

    thanks for that nice B wave spike up in SSO at 10AM..

    some news came out i guess but i was looking for that B wave spike up no matter what

    now out of all longs…

    no shorts yet but after labor day when this corrective wave up completes we are looking for a turn oct 3…probably a low but this corrective wave could do another abc and make oct 3 the top

    have a good holiday…..hasta!!

  6. jill,

    Geeze… I like it! Different timeframe MAs on one screen. That would certainly conribute to SSS (Single Screen Scalps).

    I have something similar but not as cool and accurate as that one.


  7. p

    Hey, no charge for that spike. 🙂 Good exit. I had just exited the inverse, then got back in based on technicals.

  8. jill,

    Thanks, though as far as I can tell Krasting is a perma-bear, and I don’t pay much attention to him. For example, look at his article from June 2010:

    He says: “I am stunned by the continued drop in FICA/SECA tax receipts.”

    In fact, withholding taxes had already begun to show very strong annual growth, and continued to do so for many months afterward with the private sector adding lots of jobs in the process. He got it totally wrong.


  9. p

    The lead dog is pulling hard to the downside. SPY is now almost negative on the 60min and that ain’t good.

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