What Would a CIA Rock Band Look Like?

No need to speculate; just watch the video below, though I can’t be responsible for damage done to your ears and eyes. This horrifying spectacle was very likely the product of a CIA psy-op directed at the American people. The “musicians” and “dancers”, or more precisely, weirdos, were likely all CIA operatives. Their mission? Keep reading below…

You probably know that the CIA used LSD in their brainwashing projects. And you may have heard that it was the CIA that injected LSD into American society. But you probably never heard why: it was to subvert the student movement protesting the Vietnam War in the 1960s by turning intelligent, informed, politically-active young people into drooling acid junkies.

What happened, apparently, was that the military-industrial complex sent their suns and daughters out to Laurel Canyon in Los Angeles to launch the Hippie movement. And since the kids weren’t very good musicians, they hired a local weirdo named Vito Paulekas to put on a freak-show, literally, to try and rope people into the clubs where the terrible bands were making their screeching noises.

Frank Zappa, the son of a chemical warfare scientist, was the den mother of the project. Jim Morrison’s father commanded an aircraft carrier in the Gulf of Tonkin false-flag operation to kick off the war, etc.

Eventually, they put some decent bands together and an army of zombie-like hippies went forth to eat the brains of students on American campuses. Maybe they prolonged the war for a few years, and helped the military-industrial complex make billions more in war profits.

That’s my synopsis of Dave McGowan’s story: “The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation.” McGowan is in the process of expanding his story into a book. However, a big chunk of it is available on numerous websites, and this site is the only one that I found that has the story with the photos, so that’s a good place to read it.

And now I am no longer mystified as to how Zappa got well-known so far out of proportion to his (alleged) musical talent: the CIA was likely twisting arms all throughout show-business to get their bands exposure.

And this amazing story begs the question: how much more of our culture has been designed by the CIA?

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  1. jcfromnj says:

    Matt: came across your blog while doing some research on Vito Paulekas. I’m doing an in depth study of Vito early life, before his emergence on the LA scene, of which little is know, or more to the point, is not revealed. From about 1946 to the early 60′s, Vito was no doubt a “Legend” either self created or manufactured. The key to uncovering “The Man, The Myth, The Legend” as I call him is his connection to BoBo Rockefeller, a cousin, and the and the patrons of the upscale Art gallery scene in Philadelphia and New York. Vito was sent to LA on the recommendation of a prominent New York art dealer.

    Vito had an in with the blue blood money that fueled the art world and purchased his sculpture. An Art collector friend of mine had one of wood sculptures, and has some interesting information about Vito. There are a lot of strange connections to Vito’s past that have unfolded, but get drowned out by the “white noise” FREAK OUT nonsense and the rock scene, too much and too detailed to go into in a post.

    • admin says:

      That sounds fascinating. Please let me know when you publish your research.

      • jcfromnj says:

        Matt: I’m working on a outline of Vito’s connection to the Rockefelller’s and other Old Line Money connections thru his niece BoBo Paulekas, who as the old saying goes she married well, and divorced better. Vito’s ex-wife seems to not recall any of the family connection on a recent interview with Jan Irvin. Bobo was quite the high society headliner, and was front page on Life Magazine. I would remember if I were somehow related to a Rockefeller.

        • admin says:

          Yes, a Rockefeller in the family is hard to miss. Maybe she’s on the Rockefeller payroll through one of their foundations or something.

          • jcfromnj says:

            I’m going back to square 1 with Vito and his service in the merchant marines. He was on a VERY strange mission to the Solomon Islands in the Pacific in 46 to remove tons of some poison gas grenades and dump them in the ocean. I was in the merchant marines in the 80′s and have some contacts to get some background on his time from 42-46. There are snippets of reference to Vito before he became the King of The Freaks, but his past is murky to say the least. It’s a prerequisite though if you want to be an “asset” to the intelligence agencies. Sort of a Lee Harvey Oswald of the Counter Culture….

            • admin says:

              Maybe that explains how he became a freak: by accidentally pulling the pin on one of those poison-gas grenades. :-)

              • jcfromnj says:

                Well, Vito may have been sniffing something to be sure, but the trail on that story leads to Texas Tech University where he was enrolled in a theatre group where his experience was used as a basis for a play. I haven’t sorted this out yet, BUT it looks like Vito was looking for an outlet for his resume as an activist. He was recreating himself early on prior to the counter culture scene. More to come…..

  2. jcfromnj says:

    Matt: I’m putting together an outline on my website as a start with Vito Paulekas and his early years:

    Pinning down Vito and Szou is like nailing jelley to the wall, If Vito was not who he is, Szou is even more of ghost, there seems to be another Szou out there with much the same backgound. It looks like they have doppelgänger’s (body double’s?)out there ….John

    • admin says:

      Great stuff. I knew about sheep-dipping for espionage, but I never knew the origin of the expression – that it is something that sheep ranchers do to clean their sheep.

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