Read it Here First: Crushing the Middle Class is Official Policy

As my readers know, I have been arguing that the American middle class has been deliberately targeted for liquidation via offshoring, mass immigration, union busting, etc. I have also said that American presidents don’t have any say in this policy; that they follow orders handed down by the multinationals. Why else would President Obama bring in one million legal immigrants per year when high unemployment is his biggest problem? Here’s a quote from me back on October 4, 2009:

“That, after all, is THE PLAN: outsource as many US jobs as possible, replace expensive American workers with cheap foreign workers, foreign lands boom while Corporate Amerika’s CEO’s buy private jets.”

Well, guess what? Geopolitical expert George Friedman just wrote the same thing in his latest book, “The Next Decade: Empire and Republic in a Changing World”:

“…the best US strategy is to appear to be doing everything possible to stop the movement of immigrants while making certain that these efforts fail. This has been the American strategy on illegal immigrants for many years. …Given the forces interested in maintaining the status quo, any president who took the steps needed to stop illegal immigration would rapidly lose power.”

Friedman can’t really spell out who “the forces” are because many of them are his clients at, but we can read between lines, can we not?

Now that someone like Friedman has published the concept, the chattering classes may chatter about it openly. They couldn’t accept it from me, a mere blogger. That is just the way of intellectual sheep. Nevertheless, now that it is out in the open, perhaps progress can be made.

Speaking of the devil…

The Indian body-shop company Infosys is being investigated for visa fraud. I wonder if the Obama administration will follow Friedman’s Machiavellian prescription in this case: make a big show of doing something, but not actually do anything at all to change the larger policy.

Reading through the New York Times story, you have to wonder: how is Infosys any different than the Italian Mafia? The mafia smuggles Mexicans across the boarder in the back of trucks. Then they put them to work on badly-paid construction jobs, and don’t withhold taxes from their pay.

Infosys smuggles in Indians via visa-fraud, puts them to work on badly-paid IT jobs, pays them under the table, and issues death threats to whistle-blowers.

At its heart, globalization is a criminal operation, robbing not only the middle class of its income, but also the US Treasury of its tax revenue, both indirectly, and directly in the case of the Indian Mafia.

And lest you think that we need these workers, guess again. See Robert Oak’s piece here.

This quote from the Times article is very interesting:

“…the rules governing B-1 visas are so complex that skilled immigration lawyers can disagree on them.”

Is this what George Friedman was talking about? An example of our government appearing to do something about the problem, but in reality doing nothing at all? Making fungible laws to be shaped as needed? It will be interesting to see how the judge rules.

Here is a CBS News story on the case:

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