Read it Here First: Dumb People Need Jobs Too

Felix Salmon wants to know: “Who is speaking for the poor?

Answer: Me.

Over three years ago, in “Caruso-Cabrera – Dumb as Bag of Hammers,” I wrote:

“But what about the dumb people? Not everybody is smart, you know. Not everybody can “use their brain” to “move up the job value chain.” The fact is that repetitive assembly-line jobs that don’t require higher thought are an ideal way for dumb people to earn a living.”

So, I was an advocate for the lower-IQ segment of our population years before all the cool kids were doing it.

But how many of the cool kids will man-up and say that the million (or so) jobs that we sent to Mexico’s maquiladoras should be repatriated?

Not many, I suspect. Probably none at all.

But that’s where we sent the jobs, and millions more to China and India. The jobs still exist, but in foreign lands. And the jobs will remain in foreign lands until more people advocate that they be brought home.

Note to working-class: Don’t hold your breadth. The intelligentsia has nothing but the thin gruel of food stamps for you.