Erin Burnett is So Cute!

She think that iPads are made in USA. How adorable!

Note to Burnett: Apple products are made in China.

Burnett, who obviously is a Democrat, was gushing over President Obama’s miracle plan to save the economy by “doubling” exports. At 45 seconds into the clip below, she asks the guest:

“Could you give a few tangible exports, of the things, whether it be iPads, or whatever it is, that we’re going to be exporting so much more of?”

I might also add that we have been hearing about all these fabulous export jobs that will be created, any minute now, buy wide-open free-trade for many years, and somehow they just never seem to show up. Or at least not in anywhere near the quantities required to make up for the manufacturing and other jobs lost to countries like China, Mexico, and India.