Funny Thing About Atlas Shrugged…

In both the novel and the movie, Ayn Rand’s industrialist heroes located their plants in the USA. Sure, they grumbled about their unionized workers, but the idea of replacing them with Asian sweatshops could not exist in Rand’s ideology.

Rearden Metal made in China?

I don’t think so.

In fact, Rand spilled quite a lot of ink pouring derision upon the Third World. But what would she think today, now that the Third World has “got religion” – Randian style religion: Capitalism?

Clearly, she would have applauded the collapse of the Soviet Union and the consequent spread of free enterprise around the globe.

But what about the most-powerful capitalist nation of all: China?

I think Rand would be apoplectic over our relationship with China. Rand was a victim of Soviet communism, and striking any sort of deal with an authoritarian government such as the one in Beijing would be out of the question.

Since Rand died before the great Age of Offshoring began, we can only guess at what she would think about so many of our industries moving to China. Or the fact that the US Treasury has become so dependant upon Chinese money that it has given Beijing an unprecedented direct line to buy bonds, bypassing the bond market.

Could Ayn Rand have approved of modern globalization in its current form?

I say no.

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