George’s Triangle

When George first spotted this triangle on Friday, it was a neutral symmetrical triangle. But by the end of the day, it degraded, and is now looking more like a bearish descending triangle (click chart to enlarge):

SPX Triangle

The height of the triangle, the dotted linen between “A” and “B”, gives us the projection if the triangle breaks to the downside from this point. The blue line below the triangle is the same length as the dotted line, so “Target” is calculated as somewhere down in the 1050’s.

Ironically, that level is where another triangle formed on October 6th-7th.

Another wave up to the top line of the triangle might be a dream scenario for bears.

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  1. 2thfixr,

    Here’s another setup I use. Used it today with SKF, SRS, It will keep one on the right side of the trade and IN the trade for nice scalps.

    I’ll try to fix up some screens tonight of this setup.

    Tres Cruzars:

    Get a 1,5,15min of your favorite stock or two. (Note: β€œ3MA can be substituted for β€œcandle” in the descriptions.)

    Look for this setup; 1min candle crosses above the 9 and 36MA; 5min candle crosses above the 9MA; and the 15min candle crosses above its 9MA. These are coming up from the bottom of the MAs.

    The 1min will cycle within this move up, both the stochastic and MACD. Either the 1min or 5min can be swing-traded or hang on until the below exit signal is given.

    Exit on the reverse signals – when the 1 and 5min turn down – i.e., when the 1min crosses the 36MA and 5min crosses its 9MA. Another exit method is to get out of each of the respective time frames as they cross their 36MA (or 9MA if you want). So, you’d make 3 exits: This would require 1/3rd sells. Or, ride the 5min or 15min until they cross their 36MAs. Lots of options here to hang on. If short-scalping, just scalp the 1min while the 5 and/or 15 minute have either a positive stochastic or MACD.

    This has a very high probability of success. The only drawback is it takes a while for it to set up but there will be at least one on each index when trading pairs. This moves slowly, so you can watch several stocks at a time. Often requires several hours for a setup some days but it pays off big because it catches bigger moves.

    Another alternative is to use a 30min or 60min time frame as the higher time frame instead of the 15min. The 30min is better because it is a magnification of the 60min. Again, it takes longer, but this is even better when waiting on a beaten down stock to recover.

    Point is, it is highly reliable and profitable. Once out of the trade, don’t worry if it continues to go up or down, just wait on the next one to come along.

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  3. Thanks George. I’ve spent the last 15 minutes looking over your FreeStocksChart you marked up. Thanks Matt for the SDS charts as well.

    From your write up, it appears that you never exited that SSO trade today, you took it home with you. From what I see on THAT chart, your sell signal never kicked in before the end of the day. Given the triangle pattern, I guess you are okay with that.

    Thanks for your help. I know what my homework is going to be this weekend. Great pickup on the triangle as well. Here’s looking for one more bounce to the top following by an exit to 1050.

  4. 2thfixr,

    I sold all but 200 shares of SSO. πŸ™‚ Couldn’t help myself. I give myself a trading cut-off of 3:50 that I don’t initiate new trades. It would have to be something special to buy that close to closing.

    Now that I know how to let that tinypic get my charts, I’ll do more to show what I’m doing. It’s nothing special and certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but the same techniques I’m using can be done on any time frame(s).

  5. Bank Failure #100: Partners Bank, Naples, Florida

    One Hundred, so far….
    The pig still in the python
    Working it’s way through.
    by Soylent Green is People

  6. Thanks again George. Scalping fits right into my wheel house and mentality, I just have to learn how to do it productively! You are helping, thanks.

    K, that $INDU chart looks interesting. Each down stroke looks to be supported by the lower of the previous consolidation areas. Given that premise, DOW 9750 looks to be the next downside target out of this Box. That would be a 2.5% move down, and lines up PERFECTLY with George’s Triangle estimated move down to 1050 on the S&P. Looks like things are lining up for those targets. Now, I just have to practice patience {or patients, in my case πŸ˜‰ } and trade the swing…

  7. randall. first time i saw it and mentioned it to my club was on sept 21st if not a week earlier. so i’ve been onto the TED as hope of last resort. πŸ˜€

  8. Bank Failures 104 & 105 in Wisconsin and Minnesota
    Bank Failure 106: First Dupage Bank, Westmont, Illinois

    Let’s see…………….

    K Says:
    October 16th, 2009 at 6:33 pm
    no bank failures makes me feel weird about why there arent any. so i guess we should look for at least 6 next weekend?

    ladies and Germs. 6 bank failures tonight.
    Welcome your new freaky overlord!

  9. I’ve been thinking about Stringm today. Hope he is doing well. If he’s like me, he’ll take a laptop to the hospital and play during recovery.

  10. nice gorge nice. I really want to break off from the computer for a few days. I’ve been off facebook for over 4 months now (i know most of you were never on it so have no idea about addiction), so next challenge is perhaps a weekend with computer turned off.

  11. I couldn’t do that, K – turn my computer off. Well, with the iPhone I can now, but always tied to the ‘net. Addiction is the right word. But somehow, I think it helps us older folks. My brother has altzheimers and he never kept his mind active.

    I hope to die healthy. πŸ™‚

  12. Nice post with the chart George. Yes, please keep your mind active and keep up the good work. Your description of the Tres Cruzars now makes sense when you post in the blog about a 1, 5, 15 MA cross. I now understand what you are talking about and will certainly shift my focus to that stock when you do that! Thanks.

    One of your sentences summarized my technique: if the 5 and 15 minutes MACD are positive or about to cross, and the 1-min has crossed and I like the candlestick pattern, then I would enter the trade. I was missing the stochastic component and/or a MA confirmation. Thanks for helping me to see the difference. Once I get the hang of it, I’ll have to return the generosity with a steak dinner in Scottsdale if you ever get out this way. πŸ™‚

    I like the theory in scalps. Little $100 bites here and there, and pretty soon they add up to some REAL money (daily)! 1000 shares, 12 cents a crack between buy and sell, $100+ for me, and less than $20 for the broker.

  13. 2thfixr,

    My methods are for good entries. That’s what’s important to me for scalps.

    It gets better when I explain how to “ride the waves” of multiple cycles. That’s when a trade is entered on a lower time frame, then if the move continues, what to look for to stay in by jumping to the next-higher time frame and using it to determine and exit or jumping again to the next higher time frame.

    The other element in the equation is support and resistance. That is determined by MAs of 3, 9, 36. Recall yesterday in the SPY trade I said “it’s decision time”? The 5min was nearing its 36MA. Now, if we had been trading the 15min, we wouldn’t have been in that trade because it didn’t give a buy signal using Tres Amigos. The 5min could be traded, but overhead was the 36MA resistance. So, it’s all about combining the information of several time frames and using three indicators to guide the trade.

    BTW, everything that is needed to enter and exit trades is within the Tres Amigos method using these settings (these can be changed: All that is required is that the indicators follow price to a reasonable degree of accuracy).


    The indicators listed below should be used, but the settings can be tweaked if needed.

    Involves: Stochastic (14,3,3); Moving Averages (MA) 3,9,36; MACD 12,26,9 (note, these settings are suggestions: any values can be used that follows price closely.) An update to this is that recently I have been using a lower value with the MACD which works well depending upon the charting system being used. I changed it to 8,26,9. Also note that higher time frames require quicker, or lower values.

    It’s all about cycles within cycles. For example: The 1min stochastic and MACD cycle within the 5min. Is it a good cycle for the direction of trade we’re in, or do we need to exit? Or, since these are scalps, should we go ahead and exit because we can always enter again?

    I wish I had saved all of my comments I posted here about my methods so I could compile them into logical sequence. Anyway, I’ll work on that.

    Next I’ll explain how to use multiple stochastic bottoms as a trigger. I don’t have a name for this one. πŸ™‚

  14. George,
    Grandfather told me to make sure that I gave
    you this message.
    “When you’ve been in war and the shooting
    stops, the war is not over for you. While
    working on NASA projects I was able to find
    a form of peace by going to a friend’s farm on
    weekends and blowing up stomps. George I
    know what you’ve been through, and I hope
    you were able to find a way to bring peace into
    your life.
    Wishing you the best of everything.”

  15. No doubt, it is QUIET without K. I’m starting a pool…anyone believe K won’t post today? πŸ˜‰

    Thanks again George for the clear explanation. You have a gift of being able to simplify things and make them crystal clear.

    I completely understand what you mean about the waves: if I enter a trade on the 1 min, and the 5 min is confirming, I’ll stick in the scalp and not exit even if it violates my entry. Same if the 15 minute is showing promise (like it was at 3:15 on Friday). If the longer time frame is showing promise, hang in there and ride the next bigger cycle (5 min, 15 min, hourly, daily, weekly) rather than beat a quick exit with pennies when the dollars are there for the taking.

    Yes, it is too bad that you don’t have an archive of your wisdom. I’d love to read it!

    Have a great Saturday everyone. My 10 miler went well, breakfast was excellent, and now it is time to enjoy the fruits of home ownership: clean the pool filter, trim the landscaping, straighten up the house, and clean the bathrooms. See George, I need to make some $$$ scalping some C-Notes daily so I can afford to hire domestics to take care of these things! πŸ™‚

  16. WordPress released a new version a few days ago, and I have just installed it.

    JG, maybe this will help your posting problem.

  17. Julie,

    Your Grandfather is a wise man. I wish I had some stumps to blow up. πŸ™‚

    Last week I went to the gym everyday. I took my iPhone and while I was on the treadmill I watched “Saving Private Ryan”. That is a very intense opening and does a good job keeping the brain occupied while exercising.

    So, I guess the gym is my stump blowing.

    All my best to Grandfather and all of you.

  18. 2thfixr,

    I think you have it nailed. I’ve posted before that scalping is more profitable than swing trading most of the time. The difference is that with scalping, it is more intense because all of the cycles need to be scalped to make that happen. Often, there are days where BBT only goes up a few cents but its intraday cycles may make a dollar or more.

    That’s what I’m after – those intraday swings. At times I will get a core position and let it ride with the daily/weekly and scalp it too. And, I do a lot of “pairs” trading like SSO/SDS, SKF/UYG, QLD/QID, etc. One of them is always going up (I only trade long).

    And the daily key is the 15min. The relationship between the 15min stochastic and MACD tells the immediate direction. Stochastic is always first to turn, then see if the lower time frames are able to make the 15min MACD turn. MACD rules in overall direction unless the stochastic says otherwise.

    I have a Single Screen Scalp (SSS) method I’m working on so the higher, or lower, time frames don’t have to be watched. It involves additional MAs that track the higher time frames so at all times the true direction can be detected.

    Film at 11:00. πŸ™‚

  19. FYI, IB released a new version of its iPhone APP. This one has stock screens, allows you set alerts, and provides basic charts.

  20. Funny George, while I was working I was thinking about the pairs and wanted to get on and ask you that question. Let’s clarify it…

    In SSO/SDS, SKF/UYG, QLD/QID trading, does the entry point of one correlate EXACTLY with the exit of the other, or is there a minute or two between them?

    Because of my trading schedule, scalps make more sense to me as well. When I am at work, I need to be focused on work. Not on whether a trade is working out or going south.

    As always, thanks for your insight.

    Thanks for the software update Matt. Hopefully JungleGirl can get back in the swing of things! She knows her stuff!

  21. JG,

    I posted this comment from my Mac Mini using Safari with Snow Leopard. It didn’t give me any error messages.


  22. 2thfixr,

    There are slight differences at times in the print of a candle and at EOD they will not always be exact as far as percentage moves (they wouldn’t want to make it that easy, huh?). But no outlandish variances. I mean, I haven’t seen anything that would keep me from trading them as pairs. In my experience they have been highly reliable.

    I would caution that each year they “adjust”. I have no idea what that is and why it happens. I believe it has something to do with dividends. It only happens after EOD and it can be a fairly large move. One will go down and the other up. I don’t worry about that because they generally reverse about a week later although slowly.

    I have one monitor that has a couple of the pairs side-by-side. Depending upon the market and what I’m doing, I may just put up a 5min of one of the pairs with one 15min screen and go with that. They are flexible because they are mirror images.

    Here’s a shot of a screen setup I use every day. It has SSO/SDS one minute pair and a 5 minute screen. Often, with some of the lower dollar ETFs, I don’t use a 1min screen but two 5min and a 15min.

  23. Thanks George for the screen shot. The top of the line Schwab trading software has a screener in it. If I enter the parameters, it will alert me when a STO gets below 20 & the MACD crosses, etc… I need to set it up, so that is a project for a little later.

    I played with the settings, and while I am no expert (and there others here who are, so feel free to chime in!), I found that a MACD setting of (6,12,6) is more closely indicative of what you do so the MACD isn’t the last indicator to indicate a buy. I reviewed Friday’s charts and saw some BBT, SDS, SSO, and QID entries and exits per the rules you posted earlier. The updated MACD just fit better. If you like it, great. If you are used to your system, by all means don’t screw things up! πŸ˜‰

    I can’t believe it–K hasn’t posted all day. Maybe he is serving a one day jail sentence for disorderly conduct and can’t get to his iPhone. πŸ˜‰

  24. It’s hard to believe 2thfixr, but charting packages do differ in their prints. I ran across the same thing with using FreeStockcharts although not as much with StockCharts but there are still slight variances.

    That’s why I always adjust indicators so they follow price as closely as possible. Actually, most settings for price-tracking indicators can be used as long as a person gets accustomed to them. However, I’ll try your settings and see how they do. I like to mix it up a bit and experiment. I’m always trying to improve and that usually involves change of some sort.

    One thing I noticed about oscillators is that they skew around volatility: Less accurate with more volitality, etc. I’m using three oscillators to enter trades and you’d think that would be three times worse. Actually, the opposite is true. Since they work differently and independently, they compliment each other.

    That’s a great idea setting up alerts. Stringm is our resident expert programmer for TDAmeritrade’s Strategy Desk (SD). He’s given me alert code that I use. I’m still learning it and hope to do some automation. SD has a problem at times by printing huge spikes on candles that mess up the trading signals. So, it’s DOA for automation – alerts, okay.

    Matt does his own programming and has created Ziggy.

    It still isn’t 12pm yet so I still have hope to hear from K.

  25. Last post of the day. I’m making up for K. πŸ˜‰

    Here is the other method of stochastic bottoms. This is when two or more time frames’ stochastic bottoms at or around the 20 line OR they are above it and turn up together.

    This works because if each stochastic bottom or turn is examined, it shows they make a move of some degree – guaranteed. However, not all are successful. So, when traders and trading programs kick in, these will turn because they obviously are using different time frames and when several time frame stochastics bottom, that is more fuel for the fire.

    The first screen is a “before” look at the setup. The second screen is a “after” look or the result. I didn’t cherry pick this, it is one of the trades I made.

    BTW, stochastic bottoms, combined with MACD trendline bottoms, is the best place to put a mechanical stop. A little below that point. If the correct bottom is picked, price will never go below that point. HOWEVER, that is why one of the rules states that at the beginning of the trade, let the 9MA and MACD histogram take it out. That is because of those little double bottoms on the stochastic that happen all of the time then come right back. And during that time they never make the MACD go negative.



  26. I am back, and all my fingers and toes work. Yesterday was suppose to be my worst day. Judging by the way I feel this morning, maybe it was. Things went alot better than I had imagined, and the original pain is almost gone, just the surgery pain remains for the most part. Thanks for everyones thoughts and prayers. Looks like y’all took care of my SDS too.



  27. Good to hear String.

    I can tell from Friday’s trading that a few bucks were made by the members of the board.

    2. There is a bubble brewing in Hong Kong property market. Hot money from China, where M2 is up close to 30% YoY.

    I am taking a Dressguard until the markets reach ‘Paula’s target’.

  28. K is baaaaaak. The day off felt awesome.
    I have to confess though I had withdrawals. Kept picking up my phone wanting to go on. Turned off the data service on it so it would be harder. πŸ˜€

    I might do this as a weekly thing. Got a few things done such as reading over 50 pages for recreation (psychology book lol)

    Glad you all missed me but also glad I stuck to my goal. I’m a true freak now.

    Can’t wait to turn on comp and see how many articles are piled up for me to skim.

    Btw its a RIMM not an AAPL device. I’ve stayed away from the cool kids. No apple devices in my house.

  29. 1 worthy article in 220 = 0.5% of the articles πŸ˜›
    looks like this board is really getting the select few updates πŸ˜€


  30. On Wednesday, I wrote:

    “Keep an eye on 1077 overnight.”

    Well, 1077 for the futures is still critical. The market fell through it on Friday, and the rally into the close stalled at 1076.75. George’s triangle is due for a rally to the upper line, but if 1077 is now resistance, then the bulls are in trouble.

    So, we have to watch 1077 overnight again.

  31. Stringm,

    Great going! Before long you’ll be the racquetball KING again. Not to mention all of the good meals you’ll fix.

  32. K,

    You didn’t make my midnight target, but I figured you couldn’t resist all weekend. Hey, my cool kids device is great. We almost went with RIMM but when I found out it was mainly used for “work”, that terrible 4-letter word, we decided we wanted more fun out of life. Besides, there are 85,000 apps for the iPhone.

    Hey, I got the RedLaser app. Awesome. Now I go shopping just to scan the bar codes. πŸ™‚ I get some wierd looks from folks when they see me do that. I’m going to start scanning people when we all get the mark of the beast (didn’t we get 666 at the market bottom?). Hmmm.

  33. Haha george glad you’re enjoying that app :). Its fun scanning big items at best buy lol. Yeah I only said 1 night. I have to get homework done on it today, not to mention watching the Patriots in london LOL.

  34. K,
    Go to……sign-up for
    their free newsletter. I think you will like
    it…also a lot of good info on the site.
    Hope you make a ton of money this week.

  35. George,
    The people who live around you tell us
    that the Brinks truck visits your house
    every trading day. Keep it going.

  36. hehe… I wish! If this inverse gets going, I may need two Brinks trucks. Heck, let’s hope for a fleet!

  37. Each weekend I look at my favorites to see how they stand with either a Golden-Cross or Death-Cross MA (50MA crossing 200MA).

    SPY 15min got a Death-Cross on Friday around 10:15. The 60min and daily are still in a Golden-Cross.

    The lower time frames create the directional movement of the higher time frames. So if the lower time frames continue stair-stepping down they will eventually cause the daily to get a Death-Cross.

  38. Welcome back String. Glad all went well.

    Glad you liked the idea George. Let’s see how it performs in the real world. Nice call on the death cross…

    K, George was budding for your spot, but glad to have you back! Bohemian Bankruptcy was hysterical. Thanks for sharing.

    Matt, thanks for the update on 1077 being a key.

  39. It will be a busy week … a few coming highlights:

    Tuesday: Case-Shiller Home Price Index for August (expect another increase).

    Wednesday: Durable goods orders and New Home Sales.

    Thursday: Q3 GDP (Consensus is 3.0%).

  40. i decided not to pay bankofamerica $20 last month. $0.54 extra this month in interest LOL. now i am not sure but that’s around 32.4%. they claimed to be charging it on $39.39 (no idea) in which case i’d be paying 16.45% and not 14.24% they claim

    oh how fun. maybe i’ll default on $1000 and ruin my 740+ credit.

  41. now since i always give i want to ask you a favor.

    where do you see Utilities (XLU) and Consumer Staples (XLP) going in the next few months?

    maybe a positive and a negative for each?

  42. not going with my guts just cost me $30 in eur/usd lol
    left for dinner came back $20 poorer.

    looks like home cooking is costly as well πŸ˜‰

  43. Great link to Bohemian Rapsodizing Real Estate! Freddy Mercury, like other great rockers, went way too soon…

    We will see how Capmark “rocks” the markets tomorrow, liking my SRS position.

  44. Local financial expert claims that if you add up
    all of the federal programs used to prop-up
    the big boys, the total comes to around $3 trillion.
    He sees danger ahead…but is unsure what form
    it will take.

  45. Julie,
    I want to live in a community like yours. LOL
    you can see George’s Brinks, you have local financial experts. !!!

  46. Bloomberg: At least half of the 50 elected lawmakers say they’ll back a plan for the government to buy all 6 billion dinars ($21 billion) of bank loans taken by Kuwaiti citizens to buy homes, cars, holidays and other purchases, write off interest payments and reschedule the rest. The government opposes the bailout. Parliament convenes on Oct. 27 after a four-month break.

    LOL yeaaaaahhh i’m sure that won’t lead down a slippery slope….

  47. Hank: No, my office is at I-17 and Cactus in North Phoenix. Easy to get to from anywhere though. If you’d like more info, go to and check us out.

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