Ghost Posts

If you subscribe to this blog via Google Reader, you may see three “ghost posts” in the list: “Ghost Bank”, “Don’t Mess with the US”, and “40 Acres of Sand and a Camel”. Those are all drafts, which were accidentally published and then unpublished. WordPress has an “interface bug” where your draft posts look just like published posts, and the “Publish” button is retitled to “Update” after a post is published. So, it is very easy to accidentally click “Publish” instead of “Save” on a draft after making an edit. So, that’s what happened.

In addition to that, the Googlebot monitors this site very closely. It pounces seconds after I hit the “Publish” button and adds the post to your RSS feed. And finally, Google Reader freezes posts in carbonite, Han Solo style. So, once it is in your feed, you will never see any edits made to it, and it will still be there even if it is taken down.