The Illuminati is not Trying to Kill You

This is a staple in the conspiracy community: that the Illuminati is Malthusian and is scheming to kill us off, perhaps marching us into FEMA camps, or poisoning us with tainted flu vaccines. But a simple look at the facts shows that anybody promulgating this theme is a BS artist.

Since 1975, 30.8 million legal immigrants have been brought into the USA. Mass immigration is official U.S. policy, and has been for decades. They are growing the population as fast as politically feasible, and American oligarchs like Bill Gates are campaigning for even faster growth via “open” immigration.

The fact is that the Oligarchy is envious of China and India, and yearns for the day when they too can have a billion starving slaves willing to work like dogs for $2 per hour – right here in the USA. And they are making it happen; population-wise the USA is now in the #3 position with a solid lead over #4 Indonesia.

Ironically, most conspiracy guys are libertarians who support mass immigration. They are either willing pawns of the Oligarchy, or useful idiots.

The moral of the story is, acquire some actual knowledge of what is happening, and the best way to do that is to read my book: Dark Arts of the American Oligarchy. Also look at my population vs. food stamps chart in the previous post.