Immigration Charts

This chart shows legal immigration into the USA by decade. As you can see, we are on pace to set another all-time record here in the 2010s just as we set records in the previous two decades. Legal immigration has been averaging about 1 million per year since 1989 (click chart to enlarge):


The next chart shows annual immigration through 2014 with a 10-year moving average. As you can see, we are now sustaining a rate higher than the brief peaks set in 1914 and 1998:


During the years of the Great Recession, the USA acted as if it had jobs to burn, and continued bringing in record amounts of immigrants – even when the unemployment rate went over 11% in 2009. President Obama did nothing to change the legal immigration policy:


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Data Source: Yearbook of Immigration Statistics: 2013.
Data Source: LPR Flow Report for 2014.