The Republicans are Getting Immigration Religion?

In the wake of the Romney defeat, Republicans like Sean Hannity and Larry Kudlow are totally freaked-out over the immigration issue. They are baffled by the fact that the horrific level of Latino unemployment did not hurt Obama. Why didn’t the 2.5 million unemployed Latinos switch sides? Click chart to enlarge:

And it’s not as if the Republicans have been keeping immigrants out. Do you see any difference between Bush and Obama on this chart of legal immigration?:

Not much, right? In fact, both Bush and Obama admitted immigrants at a rate more than double our historical average of 403,445 per year:

1,040,951 – Bush Average
1,078,494 – Obama Average

As we learned from the exit polls, voters still blame George Bush for the weak economy. However, Romney’s 27% share of the Latino vote declined by 4% from that of John McCain’s 31% in 2008. Perhaps there is another factor at work, like the Republicans’ attitude toward the unemployed.

Imagine that you are a young Latino, just back from serving in Afghanistan. You go to the Toledo, Ohio auto-parts factory where you used to work only to discover that it has been sent to China by Bain Capital. And so have many more plants, so you head to the unemployment office.

As you are standing in the long line, Mitt Romney’s limo speeds by splashing water on you. Mitt is on his way to the airport to take delivery of the new jet he bought with his share of the Bain profits.

Then, Rush Limbaugh rolls by and scolds you for being a lazy freeloader. “Get a job, loser!” he shouts from his limo.

Then, Larry Kudlow rolls by and shouts “free-market capitalism demands that all factories must be offshored!”

Then, Paul Ryan comes by and vows to implement savage austerity, cutting your “entitlements.” No more unemployment compensation, food stamps, etc. Reluctantly, he agrees to let you have some baby food so that your children won’t starve, BUT THAT’S IT!

I could go on, but you get the idea. What the Republicans don’t understand is that our policies of simultaneous mass offshoring and mass immigration have created a vast swath of poverty in the USA fifty-million strong.

That’s a lot of voters.

Larry Kudlow was a staunch defender of Mitt Romney’s “business” career. He demanded that the other Republican candidates stop criticizing Romney on offshoring. I suppose that Kudlow thought that the victims of offshoring would just somehow disappear. Well, guess what?

They didn’t.

They are still here and they are not pleased with the Republican “let them eat cake” attitude.

One thought on “The Republicans are Getting Immigration Religion?

  1. Way to highlight the dysfunction and extremism that has embedded itself within the Republican party. Even now, I continue to hear the far right spew ignorant, extremist rhetoric on how Obama is going to plunge America into a Socialist state and that those that voted for him are more than glad to “freeload” off of the government. I’m not talking about uneducated redneck hillbillies from the Catskill Mountains either. These are intelligent, hardworking – white collar fellow co-workers that I respect in every other way that continue to spew ignorance and fuel extremist view that is now prevalent in politics today.

    The truth of the matter is that the answer lies in meaningful reforms to various parts of the Welfare program as well as ENFORCEMENT of the existing laws that are in place to prevent so-called welfare abuse. Which, I don’t necessarily think there is actually much of, even though I have no stats to back that up.

    Also, it wouldn’t hurt our fellow politicians to actually educate themselves on how the various programs of welfare works and naming the specific parts of welfare they disagree with (such as TARF) instead of using a derogatory (in my opinion) word like entitlement. Of course,this kind of “class warfare” benefits who?

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