Immigration Charts

This chart shows legal immigration into the USA by decade. As you can see, we are on pace to set another all-time record here in the 2010s just as we set records in the previous two decades. Legal immigration has been averaging about 1 million per year since 1989 (click chart to enlarge):


The next chart shows annual immigration through 2014 with a 10-year moving average. As you can see, we are now sustaining a rate higher than the brief peaks set in 1914 and 1998:


During the years of the Great Recession, the USA acted as if it had jobs to burn, and continued bringing in record amounts of immigrants – even when the unemployment rate went over 11% in 2009. President Obama did nothing to change the legal immigration policy:


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Data Source: Yearbook of Immigration Statistics: 2013.
Data Source: LPR Flow Report for 2014.

5 thoughts on “Immigration Charts

    1. Record immigration? Not even close. Try looking at the record/chart. Clearly the numbers where highest by 88-92. Oh but wait? Could those have been Republican administrations?

      1. Look at the red line on the chart fool. The last ten years have been the highest immigration decade in history.

      2. I think as a % of population, immigration from 1890s to 1920s was most likely much higher.

        I also can’t see how this country would have progressed if not for the Immigration Acct of 1967 which opened the doors again to large scale immigration. Everything from medicine to the space program has benefited from immigrants

      3. % of population is an invalid way of analyzing immigration. Maybe even a backward way. If a million people landed on the California coast in 1800, it wouldn’t be that traumatic because there was still plenty of land for them to go and farm. If a million people land today, there are no jobs for them. The million people that come today are a much bigger problem even though they are a much smaller percentage of the population. It just doesn’t matter what the percentage is – a million people are a million people.

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