Itinerary of the Apocalypse

November 6th – Presidential election. Even if Obama loses, he will still be in office for the Fiscal-Cliff negotiations. That’s why Democrats like Chris Matthews are freaking out over Obama’s flimsy debate performance: it looks like he can be rolled – right off the Fiscal Cliff.

December – Lame-duck session of Congress implements “Grand Bargain” to avoid the Fiscal Cliff. The Pentagon accepts only a token budget-cut because they have all the tanks, and Leon Panetta has publicly threatened Congress, so we know that he means business. The rich people and corporations don’t even get a token tax-raise because they own all the politicians, and it is forbidden by Pope Norquist. And so, the taxpayers bear the full brunt of austerity. Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, etc. get slashed.

January – The “Obama/Ryan” austerity riots begin. Our cities sport the fashionable “charred chic” look of downtown Athens.

Let’s hope that I’m wrong, but I believe that our knucklehead elites are playing with fire – yet again.

Note: Don’t forget that it was the 1994 lame-duck session of Congress where Republican Newt Gingrich teamed up with Democrat Bill Clinton to sell us down the GATT river.