It’s Time to Conquer Mexico

Today, Mexican President Felipe Calderon addressed Congress and gave Arizona a stern lecture over its new immigration law. But who is he to talk? According to an Amnesty International report, Central Americans who immigrate into Mexico are robbed, beaten, and sexually assaulted before being kicked out.

Not only that, but George Friedman thinks that Calderon’s government condones drug trafficking into the USA, and that the US military may attempt drug interdiction in Northern Mexico. (Article here.) But why stop there? Mexico is clearly a failed state. Is it not time for a little regime change?

Take that Calderon!

16 thoughts on “It’s Time to Conquer Mexico

  1. this past weekend I wrote a blog post and even mentioned it here (may 15th)
    “My System caught onto the downdraft about a week before the “fat finger” occured and from what I just observed going through these charts is that the “fat finger” was very skinny and precise… nuff said because I need to keep this one a secret. Enjoy”

    look where we are now.. fat finger status. awesome no?

  2. Talked to several Mexicans about the situation recently that can vouch for the violence down there. These are not stupid ill-equipped thugs. They have sophisticated technology and the Mexican government hasn’t a chance.

  3. Good work K. Hope you did well on your test too.

    Did you like the options seminar up there in Boston?

  4. K, time to hang it up for the year—you’ve exceeded the S&P’s yearly gain 7 out of 10 years (guessing). go to cash and wait for next year and do it again. 🙂

    I’m up 7.9% on the week with a major blunder hedging my shorts last night looking for a bounce upwards. I’ll be more careful in the future about hedging… Could have bought a used convertible sports car with what I lost out on. C’est la vie.

    Could have made so much more if I had the stones to trade fearlessly on these wild swings. Someday I will. Someday soon.

  5. 2th I just put a donate button on my site instead of charging lol. help me raise money to fix my teeth in india. HAHA

    like i mentioned earlier i’m seeing a divergence on an indicator (pasted link its last one on todays thread)

    so lets see if it turns out to be right.

  6. Sorry K, I’m not seeing the post you are referring to other than IWM being a BUY.

    I did see the donate button, but dude, once I make all this coin, I can help you fix your teeth in Phoenix gratis….so make me some cash pronto! Then dentistry will be the hobby, not trading! 🙂

  7. Futures are up a big 1%, gold and platinum down decently. Can you believe platinum went from 1750 to under 1500 an ounce in a few days? Wow!

    PPT must be putting in overtime to prop them up this early. Do we awake to a 50 point futures push to short squeeze the little guy? That would turn EWT on its head… hehe

  8. Mitch,

    I’ve never surfed with a board, however, I did a lot of body surfing when I was younger – and tougher. Sell in May and go away works some of the time but not all of the time. So far it has not been a miff’ed market myth. But the year isn’t over with yet. LOL

  9. K,

    On the news today, the SEC said they still don’t know what caused the “big drop”. They should ask me, I know… it was selling. Simple.

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