Larry Kudlow is a Declinist

For some reason, at Monday night’s presidential debate, CNBC’s Larry Kudlow was carrying on about President Obama being a “declinist” – meaning somebody who accepts the USA’s declining power in the world.

At 4:25 into the video below, Kudlow says:

“There’s the Group of 20, and there’s the United States. Does Obama want us to be one of the Group of 20, or does he want us the be the #1 world leader in economy, military, foreign policy, democracy?”

However, Kudlow is a hard-core globalist and approves of the USA’s membership in the World Trade Organization. And guess what? We only get one vote in the WTO, and we don’t have veto-power like we do on the United Nations Security Council.

In Kudlow’s pet WTO, we are only 1 of 157.

And it is our membership in the WTO that is stripping us of our superpower status.

Note to Kudlow: We most certainly are in decline, and you and your globalist pals are responsible.

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