Larry Kudlow, Patriotic Globican

What’s a globican? It’s a word I have coined to describe a globalist who lives in the USA. Calling such people Americans isn’t quite right because their loyalties lay with the multinational corporations that run the world.

A globican fights for policies that enrich the multinationals, even if it comes at the expense of the nation in which they reside.

In the video below (at the 2:40 mark), we see an example of a proud globican fighting for his people. Multinationals are people too, right? Shouts Kudlow:

“What’s up with this ‘foreign minimum tax’ business? This sounds like an attack against internationalism, the multinationals, and the business community hates it.”

The Obama administration has announced its intention to change the way multinationals are taxed. No details were given, so its hard to criticize a plan that hasn’t been fleshed out. But Kudlow is outraged at the very idea of US domiciled multinationals paying taxes to the US treasury.

Of course, the first thing a president Kudlow would do would be to spend $2 trillion on an invasion of Iran. Where would he get the money? Not from taxing multinationals, that’s for sure. He would borrow it and pile the debt on the US taxpayer. Once Joe Sixpack paid for the invasion, and got blown up by an IED, Kuldow’s multinationals would flood into the country to make fat profits on reconstruction, base-building, oil, etc. Then they would squirrel away the profits in the Cayman Islands.

Note: Multinationals and “business community” are not synonymous as Kudlow implies.

Note: I’m sure that Kudlow meant to say “globalization” instead of “internationalism”, but what he said is amusing since The Internationale is the communist anthem. Of course, globalism isn’t communist or capitalist, but rather plutocratic. White cat, black cat, who cares? As long as it advances plutocracy.

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