Legacy Races

No, I’m not talking about foot-races between inbred blue-bloods on Ivy League campuses. I am talking about entire races of people being kicked to the curb. For example, Native Americans used to call the shots here in North America, but now they are a legacy race, sharply reduced in number.

African-Americans are also a legacy race. One could argue that they peaked with the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Why do I think that? Because The Man (probably David Rockefeller) retaliated the very next year with The Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965, which opened the floodgates and began the replacement of African-American workers with Latino workers on a mass scale. African-Americans paid a heavy price for winning their civil rights: they were kicked out of the economy by robber-barons who have no tolerance for “uppity” workers.

The same exact thing happened to “uppity” white factory workers who saw their jobs sent down to Mexico in retaliation for the temerity of demanding a living wage so that they could live in houses instead of shanties like in Mexico. Today, white-collar workers are being replaced by Asians on a mass scale. That’s right, whites can now be considered a legacy race, with White Plague suicide cutting deeply into their numbers.

The important point here is that both whites & blacks in the USA should be politically united. Stopping the mass influx of workers, and mass offshoring of jobs, would provide a very rapid reversal of fortunes for both. President Trump talked a lot about bringing jobs back to black neighborhoods, but it doesn’t look like that will ever happen. Trump is a Right-to-Work robber-baron, and clearly not the right man for the job, regardless of his campaign rhetoric. But make no mistake, such a unification would be politically invincible, and beneficial for the USA.

Note: legacy races can find pockets of prosperity, though such pockets are too small to serve as an alternative for the entire race. Native Americans have casinos and mineral rights for the scraps of land they were allowed to keep. African Americans do very well in athletics and entertainment. In the future, the only reliable work for young white men might be in the military, doing the hard work of smashing open new markets for the robber-barons.

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