The Trump Litany

During the past eight years, we have been subjected to what I call The Obama Litany. Every time the President started speaking, he would say something like: “When I took over, the economy was in a shambles, the stock marked was smashed, millions were out of work, blah, blah, blah.”

Regardless of what he said was true or not, it got to be a bit annoying, no? And it wasn’t only Obama; every other Democratic politician recited the litany too. How many times did we hear the litany? A thousand times? A million? It was like they were caught in an infinite loop. Maybe they said other important things after the litany, but I didn’t hear them because I was always hitting the mute button and trying not to vomit.

Well, guess what? Trump can have his own litany. Despite all the alleged miracles that Obama claims to have performed, he has left the nation coated with a thick blanket of poverty. The 43.6 million people that we have on food stamps is cold, hard, irrefutable evidence of not only Obama’s failure, but more importantly, the failure of globalization itself, and of course, mass-immigration.

So, Trump’s litany might go like this: “When I took over from Obama, the nation was deep in poverty with dollar stores on every corner, and 43.6 million people on food stamps as reported by Obama’s own Department of Agriculture. Without government cheese, millions would have starved in the streets…”

And he wouldn’t be lying or exaggerating. Not one bit. Of course, he has to get a sizeable chunk of those 43.6 million back to work before he can start reciting his litany.