Tech Rumblings: Mac Sandboxing

Some Mac developers have pulled their apps out of the Mac App Store due to “sandboxing”. Apple wants to make their computers safer from malware, and sandboxing is one way to do that because it restricts apps from accessing the entire computer.

For example, web apps that run in your browser have always been sandboxed. A web app written in JavaScript is not allowed to rifle through your files and upload your info to a hacker site. Your browser won’t let it because it enforces sandboxing rules.

So now Apple wants to restrict the activities of all Mac apps. And that’s a big deal because many important apps were developed with the assumption that there would be no sandboxing, as had been the tradition since the beginning of personal computers.

Needless to say, this has angered many developers. Perhaps this is an opportunity for Microsoft, or other platforms, to poach some developers from Apple. If you want to follow developments, one way to do so is to listen to the “Core Intuition” podcast. The hosts are both Mac developers. Episode 52: “The Potential For More Confusion”, is a good place to start.

I don’t know if this will have any investment implications for Apple. However, dumbing down the Mac to make it stupid-proof for the masses will be, at least, irksome for people who are used to real computers.