Mass Immigration is not History

At the 9:55 mark of this video (sorry C-SPAN took it down), you can see Professor Robert Rydell of Montana State University teaching his students:

“One of the things going on in the late 19th century is mass immigration from Europe. And I mean absolutely massive immigration.”

Rydell acts as if his students couldn’t possibly imagine such a huge wave of immigration. Which is curious because his students are living through an even larger wave – the largest in history as a matter of fact. See the chart that I maintain on my immigration page.

So, here we have a class at Montana State discussing immigration, and nobody in the room, including the professor, is aware of the current record-breaking level of legal immigration. Baffling, right? The Department of Homeland Security dutifully reports the statistics, so it’s not like it’s a secret. No, it’s what happens in the media after the DHS releases the data: crickets.

The record level of legal immigration is suppressed by the Oligarch Media because the Oligarchy is not done liquidating the middle class with cheap labor. So, what happened in that classroom in Montana was the result systematic mind-control – just like in The Matrix.

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Note: the lecture discussed above took place in Bozeman, Montana on Saturday, February 9, 2013.

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