The News Media is not Sovereign!

During his last show, Bill Maher said that the news media was “in the Constitution” like it was a branch of government or something, and that the president was required to respect it. And the news media certainly acts like it is a branch of the government, but it doesn’t acknowledge that there should be any checks or balances applied to its actions.

And so, we can deduce that the media considers itself to be, not only a branch of government, but the superior branch, endowed with sovereign powers bestowed upon them by Satan himself. Ever since they cheated during the Nixon-JFK debate, the media has had a god complex.

So, what exactly does the Constitution say about the media? The First Amendment says: “Congress shall make no law respecting or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press…”

Fine, but is the president mentioned there? No, he is not. The president is not required to have any relationship with the press at all if he doesn’t want one. After all, he has freedom of speech and liberty too.

Not only that, but the press is painfully obsolete. They are not needed to transmit news, they are shockingly biased, and they can’t even fool the people anymore. They gave President Trump both barrels during the election, and came up empty.

My, oh my, how the mighty have fallen. The news media today couldn’t sell the American people a bag of peanuts, let alone a president.

But what if the news media were a branch of government? What kind of checks and balances would be appropriate? Would the Senate have to approve anchors? Could reporters be subject to impeachment? Would charlatans like Brian Williams and Anderson Cooper make the cut?

Certainly there would have to be ethics regulations. I mean if the news media were incarnated into human form, it would be the most odious person on the planet, shunned by all, forced to live in a cave, eating crickets to survive.

Note: this will likely be the last time that I will mention Bill Maher, as I will not be watching his show anymore. He is the new Lenny Bruce, who was infamous for reading the transcripts of his court cases on stage. Maher is doing the same thing, bitching about the president non-stop. Not even his crack team of joke writers can make him funny anymore. He’s a very sad and pathetic man.