Are 3,000 MRAP’s Enough to Reconquer Texas?

MRAP I can’t help but think that the DHS’s purchase of these MRAPs is a response to Alex Jones shouting “1776 will commence again!” at Piers Morgan a few weeks ago on CNN. Alex Jones does his radio show from Austin, and of course, there has been plenty of secessionist talk coming out of Texas recently. Of course, there are other potential uses for these weapons, which I will discuss when I have time. However, I’d just like to point out something about 1776: it didn’t come from the people.

The American Revolution was a Masonic/Illuminati project, and the American people were reluctant to join the effort – or to fund it. George Washington spent most of his time begging the states to fund his army. In 1789, Washington swore his oath of office on a Masonic bible.

The point is that the American Revolution was a revolution brought by the elite, not by the people. So, Alex Jones is using the wrong ideal. Perhaps he should switch to Shay’s Rebellion.

Also, as I discuss in my book, Dark Arts of the American Oligarchy, a lot of soldiers had to be killed and maimed in Iraq before these MRAPs replaced the flimsy Humvees:

We didn’t have the manufacturing capacity to make the special, super-strong steel needed to harden Humvees against IEDs, (improvised explosive devices). There were only two armor-quality steel mills left in the USA – and both were owned by foreign companies! One of them by a Russian company! Oregon Steel had been recently bought by Evraz Group S.A. of Russia, and International Steel Group was bought by Arcelor Mittal, a Dutch company.

During the first Civil War, the North enjoyed superior manufacturing capacity. Would that still be true in a second such war? After all, Rust Belt factories have been moved south. And what if Mexico, the lucky recipient of a large chunk of our industrial base, came in on the side of Texas? Could the North prevail again? De-industrialization has consequences after all…