NATO Gradually Switching Sides in War on Terror

When we think about the War on Terror, we mostly think about the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. We barely remember that the 9/11 attack was planned by Mohamed Atta in Hamburg, Germany. After such an atrocity, you might think that Germany would scrub itself clean of jihadis. But in the ensuing 15 years, Germany has done the exact opposite: it has stuffed itself full of jihadis, and has embraced Islamization along with many other NATO countries.

Not only that, but many jihadis use the generous welfare payments that they receive in the EU to finance trips to the Middle East to fight us. And when the jihadis return, they go right back into their government housing and continue on like they just returned from vacation.

What might things look like 15 years from now? The Russians have been fighting ISIS in Syria for quite a while, and ISIS is looking for every opportunity to retaliate. So, imagine a scenario where jihadis based in Western Europe start launching attacks against Russia. Imagine Swedish jihadis sailing across the Baltic Sea from Stockholm to attack Kaliningrad, or St. Petersburg. Imagine the Russians getting pissed-off and nuking Stockholm or Paris or London, or whichever jihadi-laden EU city originated the attack. If we were still a NATO member at the time, then we would be obligated to fight Russia on behalf of Eurostan. Do we really want that?

Fortunately, the Eastern European nations are constructing a jihadi-free region that should also function as a buffer zone and help keep the peace with Russia. But the fact remains that if the Air Force wanted to select jihadi-laden targets to drop bombs on, many can now be readily found in NATO countries where jihadi culture is flourishing. The fact is that by embracing mass-immigration, Western Europe is gradually changing sides in the War on Terror, and becoming more hostile toward the USA every day.

President Trump is so right to criticize NATO. This is another example of how he is way out ahead of the prevailing wisdom. However, subsidizing the defense of NATO countries is only the tip of the iceberg.

Note: while Sweden is not a NATO member, it is a NATO partner and contributed to the war effort in Afghanistan back when it was still a western country.

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