Oswald and the CIA (and the KGB)

If you believe that Lee Harvey Oswald worked for the CIA and/or FBI, then you will like John Newman’s book: “Oswald and the CIA” which is available from Amazon.com. The book is a very thorough and detailed examination of the formerly secret files on Oswald that the government has been forced to release. The book does not contain any wild BS from the crazy people who litter the JFK assassination landscape. So, I regard it as a credible source as to what our intelligence agencies thought of Oswald.

However, I just don’t see any compelling evidence. There are a couple of CIA memos expressing “operational interest” in Oswald, but perhaps they suspected him of being a KGB agent and wanted to “double” him. And there is quite a bit of hard evidence that Oswald was, in fact, a KGB agent. For example, this note which Oswald wrote in Russian:

The translation can be found here in the Warren Commission Report (pages 183-184). The note contains instructions to Oswald’s wife, Marina, as to what she should do in the event that Oswald was captured after his attempt to assassinate General Edwin Walker.

Item #9 isn’t shown in the image above, however it read: “The Red Cross also will help you.” Oswald also wrote in his diary that he was getting money from the “Red Cross” while living in the Soviet Union.

Sounds odd, right? But it makes sense now that former Soviet intelligence officer Ion Mihai Pacepa has revealed that “Red Cross” was a KGB code word that agents used when discussing money from the KGB.

And the fact that Marina would understand what “Red Cross” meant points to her being KGB also.

Now, you could say that all of the KGB-agent type things that Oswald did were just a part of his CIA cover, but I think that is pretty long stretch. And why exactly, may I ask, would Oswald be trying to shoot a good old boy like General Walker if he were CIA?

Oswald may have indeed been a patsy in the JFK assassination, but the theory that he was a US intelligence agent seems much weaker than the case for him working for the KGB.

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