Nailed It: Pentagon Shuns Afghans

On Sunday, September 16, 2012, I wrote:

“In Afghanistan, these sorts of attacks are frequent because the Taliban infiltrated Afghan security forces years ago. They are “inside the wire” and know plenty about what we are doing.”

Two days later, BANG!

US Suspends Most Joint Operations with Afghan Forces.”

Has there ever been a more prescient feat in the history of blogging? I think not. But enough about me.

This news crystallizes a spectacular failure in nation-building. That’s the bad news. The good news is that our troops are going to be a lot safer, provided that they also isolate themselves from Afghan workers. While it might be the Taliban in an Afghan army uniform that pulls the trigger, it’s the nice Pashtun lady who empties the commander’s wastebasket that provides the enemy’s intel.

Maybe one day we will end this corporate welfare program. If the multinationals want to exploit Afghan resources, let them pay the pacification costs themselves and leave us taxpayers out of it.