The Podcast that Made Apple Sweat

Apple was forced to release its list of suppliers today, and I think a genius named Mike Daisey is responsible. On January 6th, a PBS station aired his podcast about his trip to China to interview sweatshop workers. This spellbinding podcast is an hour long, so make sure you are ready to listen to it all, because once you start, you won’t be able to turn it off. Go to this page and click the red “Play” button.

CNBC tried to spin the news by saying it was a great resource for finding Apple supplier’s to invest in! Not exactly what I would call hard-hitting journalism. They didn’t even use the word “sweatshop” in any of their stories. In CNBC-land, sweatshops are just “facilities”.

While this story is about Apple, it is unfair to single them out. All multinationals are guilty of this. Nevertheless, Apple could be vulnerable. How hard could it be to make an Android tablet in the USA, and market it under a “No Sweat” brand? Could “sweatshop consciousness” be the next “environmental consciousness”? Could the “No Sweat” pad be the next Prius?

Now that would be something.