Is Alex Jones Crazy?

Yes, Alex Jones is indeed crazy. He suffers from what I like to call Libertarian Syndrome. This is a condition caused by childhood abuse at the hands of an authority figure, such as the child’s father. Studies have shown that corporal punishment makes a child more angry when he becomes an adult.

My view is that the anger is directed not only at the parent, but other authority figures also. So, the abused child grows up to be reflexively angry at teachers, bosses, politicians, police officers, etc. Such a person will fall in love with libertarian/anti-government philosophy on sight.

Somewhere in Jones’s childhood, there was likely a traumatic experience that makes him perpetually angry today, and as a consequence, not very well thought-out.

For example, listening to his show in November 2013, I heard Jones carry on about how the government was trying to kill us through various devious schemes such as putting fluoride in the water, taking iodine out of the food supply, injecting us with poison vaccines, spraying us with chemicals from airplanes, etc. His theory was that the government wanted to thin the herd.

However, simultaneously, Jones criticized the USA’s mass-immigration policy which has been bringing in a million legal immigrants each year for the past two decades (see my immigration charts here). Jones said that the reason for the mass immigration was to increase the supply of labor and consequently lower the labor costs of business, which is true. However, as you can see, Jones was criticizing the government for decreasing and increasing the population simultaneously!

Another thing Jones does is automatically label every mass-killing as a false-flag operation – even before the actual facts of the incident are reported. He does that reflexively, not after carefully studying and weighting the evidence.

So, Jones’s criticism of government is reflexive, emotional, and psychologically driven. It is not logical. Of course, not everything he says is BS. After all, our government has done a lot of nefarious things such as the CIA’s notorious MK-Ultra program. But before you believe anything that Alex Jones says, you need to do the research required to verify that it is true.

Instead of thinking of Jones as an intellectual critic if big government, it would be better to think of him as a fire-and-brimstone preacher – a very entertaining preacher no doubt, but a preacher nonetheless.

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